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From Blue Lang <>
Subject Re: httpd.conf changes?
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2000 04:41:29 GMT
On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Rich Bowen wrote:

> I asked a few random strangers (IRC) for input on what they hated about
> the Apache configuration file, and came up with interesting, but overall

hey! don't forget your lurkers! :)

> unhelpful, comments. But, mostly they said that things that need to get
> changed on every installation tend to be buried deep in the file, and
> not be all together, so that it was rather like Walmart, where you have
> to go down 12 aisles, even though you only want 4 items.

my $.02, as someone who installs apache on some machine just about every
day of his life, is that the apache config file kicks ass. people who
don't like it are generally not familiar with it and unwilling to become

i remember the very first time i installed apache, thinking to myself,
man, this is SO nice. everything is named something obvious, i can pretty
much guess what everything does, it's well commented. what more could a
guy ask for?

i agree that there might some spurious commentary in it, but, really, not
much. the only thing(s) i might split out are

1) file directives. i often run into a situation where i build apache once
and install it on several machines in a server cluster and have to go in
and modify log paths/docroot, etc, on a few of them for testing, then
change it later.

2) the vhost stuff. just put the vhosts in a different file, please. i
think that's the first thing everyone does anyways. :)

vhost conf could also use a bit more commentary. it is not obvious from
the config file what the default vhost does, and etc. that one section is
just not as well commented as the rest.

thanks for all the great work,

   Blue Lang, Unix Voodoo Priest
   202 Ashe Ave, Apt 3, Raleigh, NC.                          919 835 1540
	"Sheela Na-Gig, you exhibitionist!" - PJ Harvey

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