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From Sascha Schumann <>
Subject Re: architecture-specific directories
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 14:51:05 GMT
> Couple of things.  APR's build system isn't as complex as Apache's is, so
> there isn't nearly as much to keep track of.  Since there is no set of
> Makefiles that are used by all the other Makefiles, I don't see the need
> for a build directory yet.  Having said all of that, I would be against
> making APR's build system as complex as Apache's unless there is a really
> good reason to do so.  It works now, and nobody has complained recently
> (except for the headers which we've fixed now), so I don't think this is a
> real issue.

    APR defines in every single Makefile RM, CC, AR, RANLIB,

    Additionally, almost every Makefile defines rules for .c.o,
    clean, distclean and depend.

    Changing one of those things will cause changes in every
    Makefile template.

    If that is not redundancy, I don't know what redundancy is.

    I'm for reducing the overall redundancy in APR's build
    system. Since APR is not nearly as complex as Apache (no
    executables nor shared/static modules nor C++ source code),
    cleaning up APR would result in a much more light-wheight

    - Sascha

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