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From Sascha Schumann <>
Subject Re: Configuration...
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 11:12:18 GMT
> The MH_BUNDLE is here the interesting thing, in their terminology
> bundles are code-things you can load at runtime. These are different
> beasts than MH_DYLIB, which is the normal shared library.

    Ok, thanks for the information. Typing MH_* into Google
    brought up a couple of email exchanges:

    In [1], Chuck Swiger wrote:

        "There are differences between MH_DYLIB and MH_BUNDLE--
         the former involves explicit (compiled-in) path
         references, versioning, and so forth; the latter does
         not. I'm not sure whether the distinction is truly
         useful or not, but I can see why it's in place.

    As Apache does not need versioning and path references for
    the DSOs, we should be fine with MH_BUNDLEs. And that is what
    GNU libtool currently builds.

    Fred has some private changes to libtool for making real
    dynamic libraries. I think GNU libtool should build MH_DYLIB
    by default, and switch to MH_BUNDLEs when '-module' is


    - Sascha

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