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Subject Re: htdocs?
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2000 20:15:35 GMT

> cvs import is generally bogus. That isn't what we want.
> What is wrong with checking out the htdocs tree into the Apache 2.0 tree?
> That ought to work quite fine. I see no problem with htdocs.

Last night, I took a tree that didn't have the htdocs directory, and
checked out the httpd-docs-2.0 into htdocs.  This morning I tried to
update that tree to get the fixes that were committed last night.  I got
errors from CVS.  Somebody about CVS/EmptyDir not being found.  I can't be
the only person seeing these problems, because last week Roy was willing
to put the htdocs stuff back into the apache tree to fix these problems.

> For example, I just checked out the htdocs tree into my Apache tree with the
> following command:
> $ cvs -d co -d htdocs httpd-docs-2.0/htdocs
> Now, I can go into the htdocs directory and update from there. Or I can even
> update from the root of my Apache 2.0 tree and it will recurse into htdocs
> and grab files from the other repository.
> What *doesn't* work is pulling a copy of Apache 2.0 and its docs from before
> the split. To do that, I'd need to start with a fresh repository (where
> htdocs isn't in the way and pointing elsewhere).

I JUST did a completely fresh checkout of Apache against HEAD, and there
is an htdocs directory.  That means that when I went to execute the cvs
command above, I get errors:

Warning: Remote host denied X11 forwarding, perhaps xauth program could
not be run on the server side.
cvs server: existing repository /home/cvs/apache-2.0/htdocs does not match
cvs server: ignoring module httpd-docs-2.0/htdocs

Now, if I remove htdocs from the Apache tree, I can successfully checkout
htdocs.  It looks like last night, I left off the trailing htdocs/
directory from the httpd-docs-2.0 repository, which is what cause my
problem.  Regardless, the errors above are a problem.  The docs have
become a bigger hassle than they are worth right now.

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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