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Subject Re: architecture-specific directories
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 04:43:09 GMT

> >This is what Will Rowe suggested.  I have no great opinion either way, but
> >I would point out one deficiency with this method (not that the current
> >method doesn't have it's drawbacks.  :-)  The only drawback I see, is that
> >this ties each platform to a single default OS.
> For the example you came up with (OS/2 wanting to use some Win32 code) the
> INCLUDES line can be suitably modified in that particular module, but for
> now it's not needed and I seriously doubt it will ever be. All the win32
> modules use Win32 API calls which OS/2 isn't going to accept. All the other
> non-unix code is tightly tied to that specific platform too.

That makes perfect sense.  This swayed me.  :-)  Brian, Thanks for


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