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Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 06:20:41 GMT

Having looked at this in a bit more detail now,
SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALZED_ACCEPT is broken in 2.0.  The problem isn't that
we don't understand the macro, but we never define it.  I haven't really
investigated this, but I believe the problem lies in determining when it
should be enabled.  In 1.3, we always knew when it should be enabled,
because we did it on a platform by platform basis.  In 2.0, all our config
is based on what we can determine by looking at the machine
characteristics.  This model falls apart in cases like this, because it is
almost impossible to detect thundering hurd through the use of hueristics.

Having said all of that, I think I know how to do this.  The answer lies
in the hints.m4 file from APR.  If we use a similar technique for defining
macros in Apache, we can handle cases where we know what a platform should
have defined, but we can't detect those settings.

I'll try to do this work tomorrow.


On Sat, 4 Nov 2000, dean gaudet wrote:

> hi, a followup to an earlier post i made.  according to the information
> given below i'm going to change apache-1.3.x on linux 2.2.x and later to:
> i would really appreciate it if someone could forward these changes to
> apache-2.0.
> thanks
> -dean
> p.s. linux 2.2.14 is what's shipped with redhat 6.2, so it's probably the
> most common 2.2.x kernel out there.  there's security reasons for folks to
> upgrade all the way to 2.2.17, so it's a fine answer for us to suggest
> that upgrade should we find problems with earlier 2.2.x kernels.

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