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From Galvanick Lucipher <>
Subject Re: ap_add_common_vars() clobbers existing values?
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 15:43:42 GMT
On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Tony Finch wrote:
: Adrian Hosey <> wrote:
: >
: >Those are good questions. It's a complicated setup - for a while we were
: >using ServerName to the desired effect, but now we need each backend
: >server to have a distinct ServerName in order to do some things with
: >mod_auth_radius.
: That sounds rather sordid.

Heh. I guess that's one way to put it... by using a PAMified radius server
we can apply PAM stacks to web authentications, which I think is way
cool. We give different service packages to different groups of users by
routing them to one backend server or another, which is why we need the
servers to be distinct to the radius server.

: Your patch won't cause breakage. I expect there isn't much reason for
: the order of priority except to ensure that the CGI environment
: variables are what they should be, with the assumption that there's no
: reason to need to ovveride them because the server gets it right.

Okay, that's good to know. If the behavior is arbitrary what are the
chances of getting it changed in the ap_* routines? It seems that if an
admin sets a var with SetEnv the Principle of Least Surprise would say
that setting should stick everywhere, even if it's one of vars normally
manipulated by ap_add_common_vars() or others. The current behavior
appears that some variables magically change at the last minute while
others don't, with no explanation unless you understand what's happening
in the code. If I make a patch will someone put it in?


	- A

This is going to get worse before it gets better.

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