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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject preserved_filename breaks binary compatibility (if using EAPI)
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2000 12:35:32 GMT
Back in March the request_rec was extended with 
"case_preserved_filename", but only the MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER_MINOR was
altered (I guess this makes sense because it shouldn't break binary
compatibility of modules)

But if you're a mod_ssl user using EAPI then the change moves the ctx
field used by EAPI, so breaks binary compatiblity for any modules that
happen to interact with EAPI (mod_dav for example).

My feeling is that the MAJOR number should get a bump when extending

I also wish we could just put EAPI into the 1.3 tree; theres a lot of
people using mod_ssl and Apache and it will still be a little while before
they switch to 2.0.  When minor changes (security etc) are made to 1.3,
Ralf always has to toil to create a new EAPI patch.  If it was integrated
he could spend his time on 2.0 instead. If you don't use EAPI it really
doesn't make any performance differences.  It would also help all those
third party commercial module vendors who have to currently produce two
versions of the their modules.


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