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From "Austin Gonyou" <>
Subject RE: Apache Performance Problem
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 23:31:40 GMT
SPARC procs do NOT handle SSL for crap. This is a known fact. You will get
help by using apache 2.0, but it still will not totally take care of the
problem. You have 3 choices, run all your HTTPS on an x86 box, or get an
accellerator card for your current box, or offload all SSL from the machine
totally by using an SSL proxy enabled load balancer or accelerator. F5,
Dell, Rainbow, and Intel all sell these types of SSL accelerators. The
bottom line is really, (in the end), don't run SSL on an IBM, HP, or SPARC.
It's just bad juju. For a litmus test, run openssl speed agains a small x86
versus your big bad 3500. Sit back, and Laugh. :)

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From: Mike Haines []
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2000 4:41 PM
Cc: Jeff Bewley; Max Doleh
Subject: Apache Performance Problem

apache version 1.3.4

We have a E3500 Sun solaris server with 8 processors 8 Gig Ram. When traffic
is high and the CPU traffic creaps up, (40% idle) but I/O wait is 0% to 10%
the HTML serving from the file system is very slow.
Now, we also have https apache on the box and calling the same page from it
is fast. The server processes 80% CGI and 20% html. I was looking at moving
to Apache 2.0 but am not sure it will help as I suspect a configuration
problem here. We have 100 max procs and 20 minimum. I don't think this is it
because we have a 50 max clients and it does not max out. Also, it connects
quickly to the socket, but serves the page slowly.

Mike Haines

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