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From "Fielding, Roy" <>
Subject RE: htdocs?
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 18:58:56 GMT
Chill out, dudes.

> If the split encouraged it, then let's not unsplit.

The permissions split did not require a split in locations.
It was done incorrectly.  If it hadn't been for the timing,
I would have fixed it earlier.  Last week I had to wait for
cvsadmin permissions and another block of free time to do it
(a time at which others are not trying to commit furiously).

> If the &htdocs-2.0 is not doing what it should, then punt the 
> damn thing.

That is the first step, yes.

> The point is to ask why the error occurs in the first place? 
> What is the true stimulus? Is it that httpd-docs-2.0 does not have 
> anything besides an "htdocs" subdirectory? (i.e. that it is empty)

It is because you can't overlap repositories that differ in content,
which is what the auto-checkout of htdocs is doing.

> We have a repro case. Cool. A quick persual of a CVS FAQ 
> would probably turn up the answer.

I already know the answer -- restore the repository to its original
location and set the group permissions so that the larger set of
people can still commit to that directory.  Then set a submodule that
points to only that directory, so that people can check it out
separately if needed.

> If that is the case, then we do one of two things:
> 1) tell people to only check out the subdir rather than the parent
> 2) put a file in there
> Personally, I don't know why there is a subdir in the first place. If we
> always skip the parent dir, then what's the point?

The subdirectory holds the history from prior releases.  What will make
my restoration extra difficult is that somebody stripped the tags from
the new repository.  So, in order to fix it I am going to have to
remanufacture them.

> > If you don't know how to fix them, then
> > please remove your veto so that Roy can fix them by moving the htdocs
> > back into the source tree.
> > 
> > BTW, the way I read what Roy was going to do, it didn't keep people from
> > contributing to just the docs, it just solved the problem in a different
> > way.
> It sounded like he was going to 'mv' the repository down inside of the
> apache-2.0 repository. That will break a lot of things. If he does a "cvs
> add" to copy all the files over, that would work for a bit.

*nuff*  I will fix it the only way it can be fixed -- full restoration
of the RCS files to reflect both the history before the split and the
history after the split.

> But what do we do about permissions then? Right now, both repositories are
> group-owned by "apcvs" and we use the "avail" file to apply ACLs. If we
> shove the htdocs down into apache-2.0, then what does the avail file look
> like then?

Slightly different, but having the same effect.  People may have to do a
clean checkout, but I won't know that until I test it (using a separate
copy, of course).

We should probably move the MM and APR directories at the same time,
since that too will require clean checkouts.

> I found Roy's note to be rather less-than-detailed about the "solution".
> it certainly didn't explain the problem that *he* had with the system.

I could not do a clean checkout and the history has been fucked over
by an unnecessary change to our repository.  That is what I said, and it
is more than sufficient to reproduce the problem and understand why I need
to fix it.  I also explained what the end result would be after I fixed it.
I did not explain how I was going to get from one to the other, but that's
because it is not necessary for everyone to approve every detail of
how to do a cvs restoration.  It just has to be done by someone you trust
to do it right.


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