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From "Fielding, Roy" <>
Subject RE: 1.3.15
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 19:06:12 GMT
> > The reason why it has to be official is because RCI claims to have
> > "patent pending" rights to a technology related to this module.
> This is totally FALSE and MISLEADING. We have never claimed to have a
> on this technology. The patent which is pending is on the "smart engine"
> which can use ANY compression algorithm. There are simply a ton of
> compression patents out there, we even own some with some more pending on
> XML etc, but our patent is specifically tied to the engine which runs the
> algorithms not the algorithms themselves. I heard an Apache member the
> day talking about RCI's patent claim on mod_gzip, hopefully this will
> the picture somewhat.

Excuse me, but that is the very definition of "technology related
to this module".  I have no way of knowing exactly what RCI claims as
patent pending, which is why I need you to tell me it doesn't apply
to mod_gzip.  That is what a formal contribution does.


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