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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: httpd.conf changes?
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:07:51 GMT

> This is pretty simple to fix, in an unambigious way.  Consider the following
> section of code:
> #
> ## HostnameLookups: Log the names of clients or just their IP addresses
> #  e.g., (on) or (off).
> #  The default is off because it'd be overall better for the net if people
> #  had to knowingly turn this feature on, since enabling it means that
> #  each client request will result in AT LEAST one lookup request to the
> #  nameserver.
> #
> HostnameLookups Off
> Consider a perl parser that simply strips out every line containing a single
> pound (#), but leaves every line prefixed with two pound symbols (##).  This
> strips the .conf file down to a reasonable size without any headache.

Cool idea. The following Perl almost does the right thing:

perl -pi.bak -e 's/^\s*#\s(.*)\n$//; s/^\s*#\n$//;' httpd.conf-dist

I noticed that some lines are comments, but have leading whitespace. I'm
not sure if that is intentional.

> > 2) The organization of the file is somewhat confusing. Directives that
> > are related do not necessarily appear together, and the directives that
> > you are most likely to change in a basic installation (ServerName,
> > ServerAdmin, Port, etc) are buried deep in the file. Perhaps either a
> > reorganization, or at least a table of contents, would be helpful.
> Not a bad idea... taking it one step further, now that we support config
> directories, consider the idea of splitting the server functions into a
> number of files by topic.  Here, a line #>section could direct the following
> lines into their own file within the conf/httpd.d directory

Hmm. Not sure I like that idea. It gets a little confusing if you have
to edit 3 config files instead of one. Isn't that what we just moved
away from?

> > Suggestions that have been made are: To provide a
> > file,...
> ---1.  The vote is a veto, and the concept is a nightmare.  As the one
> who last brought 1.3.x httpd.conf-dist into sync with httpd.conf-dist-win,
> we have too many conf files already to maintain.

OK. Good point. Suggestion withdrawn.

I'll work on munging httpd.conf to make it work with the above script
idea, and still just have the one file.

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