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From "Paul J. Reder" <>
Subject Re: Alpah this weekend.
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 15:17:25 GMT wrote:
> This is a reminder to everybody who is developing code in the Apache web
> server that we are rolling an alpha release this weekend.  It was supposed
> to be tomorrow, but I think we are likely to delay for a day or two.  The
> reasons for the delay are relatively small.
> 1)  Doesn't compile on Windows... 
> 2)  Mod_proxy.  I want a working proxy in the last alpha...
> 3)  Time issues on my part...

4) I would like to have the rewritten mod_include included. I am in the 
   debugging phase trying to get some core dumps eradicated. I will be
   posting a (buggy?) version today for initial review and hope to have 
   the rest of the kinks worked out by the end of the weekend. A couple of 
   days would be more than helpful.

Paul J. Reder
"The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each
citizen to defend it.  Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do
his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure."
-- Albert Einstein

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