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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Beta????
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 11:17:50 GMT
We're always going to make changes after the beta. However, I think we want
the repository reorg to happen *before* then, per David's suggestion of
{reorg, alpha, beta}.

aputil may be moot if we create a full-on "aprutil" package. Well...
whatever. I think the big things here are:

* do the CVS reorg, per Roy's first pass plus a few nits here and there
* during that reorg, start/populate a new apr-util CVS module
* release an alpha with the source reorg
* do a beta at some point

And I'll say again that (IMO) a beta date has lower priority than a kickass
Apache. I'm always up for doing the Right Thing(tm) for Apache (e.g. reorg
the CVS) even when it pushes the Beta back a bit.

But that said: I am finally starting to feel the urge to see us ship a beta
at some point in the next two months... :-)


On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 06:07:04PM -0000, David Reid wrote:
> aputil can be developed and changed over a period of time, but Roy's
> suggestion was for a total rearrangement of our tree.  I'd like to think
> that once we roll beta we're going to have a tree that has the same set of
> functionality in the same place each release.
> If we're gonna do that I just think it should be done before we go beta.
> Hell, if we can get an agreement let's make the changes over the next week,
> roll a quick alpha to make sure we haven't all lost our marbles, then go to
> beta.
> Just my 2p and I won't veto a beta over it... :)
> david
> >
> > I guess the only question then, is how long do we wait?  We just started
> > the aputil library as well, should we populate that more before we go
> > beta?  I don't have any answers, but if we keep putting this off, we'll
> > never go beta.  At some point we need to accept that either we are going
> > to make changes after the beta, or we need to just have a cut-off and go
> > beta.
> >
> > Ryan

Greg Stein,

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