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From Greg Stein <>
Subject eek. exports.c (was: Re: cvs commit: ...)
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:29:51 GMT
On Fri, Nov 17, 2000 at 02:33:01AM -0000, wrote:
> trawick     00/11/16 18:33:01
>   Modified:    src/build
>                src/lib/apr/network_io/unix sendrecv.c
>                src/lib/apr/threadproc/unix thread.c threadpriv.c
>   Log:
>   Get exports.c symbols to compile even if the declaration is hidden in
>   APR include file.
>   Implement all exports.c symbols even if the package or function isn't
>   available in the current configuration.


This isn't right. Now a user of APR will be able to link when a function
isn't supposed to be available. Before, we could die with a compile-time
error (missing prototype) or a link-time error (missing function). But
now... the user won't know a problem exists until runtime.

Why don't we just have exports.c define the functions (in the appropriate
#if stuff) if they don't exist? No reason to put them into APR.


Greg Stein,

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