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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] byterange handling with filters
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 23:06:59 GMT
On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 03:43:01PM -0800, wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Greg Stein wrote:
> > 2) comment: what are the ap_rflush() calls doing in there?
> If we don't flush the data that we have already sent, then the byte-range
> information will end up at the wrong point in the response.  This is why I
> am not sure that the code will actually work, and I think this should be a
> filter.

Euh. I must have missed something (and I've deleted the message). Are you
sending the byterange stuff to the connection (output) filters rather than
the content filters? Eek.

I can understand why that may be the case, but it will break. The FLUSH
bucket is only advisory, IIRC. A filter may need to continue to hold onto
some of the output.

> > 3) comment: it does appear that it will work fine

hrm. I was just looking at the bucket/brigade construction. If it bypasses
the output filters then we could have a problem.

I think you're right: punt on this implementation and make it a filter. It
is the only way that we can be sure that we get the proper semantics and


Greg Stein,

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