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From "Cardell, Jim" <>
Subject [PATCH]: Request for submission of the Stratus VOS porting change s into the 1.3 code base
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 14:53:45 GMT

We work for Stratus Computer and our VOS Apache porting team has completed
the port of  Apache 1.3.12 to Stratus' proprietary  operating system - VOS.
We would like to submit our porting changes to the ASF to be incorporated
into the V1.3 code stream. 

We ported 14 source files and created stratus_vos subdirectory under
apache/src/os. This subdirectory has 3 source files. We also made porting
changes to the files in the support directory and can provide the changes if
you wish to have them. All our changes are guarded with #ifdef STRATUS_VOS

Our changes are not extensive and are mainly due to the
restrictions/specifics in POSIX on VOS functionality.

We used diff -u to create .diff files. The tarball with the .diff files, the
original 1.3.12 version files (the names end with -old)  and the ported
files is available via anonymous ftp to

cd /pub/vos/customers/apache
type binary
get stratusvossubmit.tar.gz

We tested the ported Apache 1.3.12 on our system and also built and tested
it on Linux.

Stratus plans on maintaining this code and on working on a 2.0 port. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Alex Mirman
Jim Cardell
Stratus Computer (DE) Inc

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