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From "Tobias Strasser" <>
Subject Re: general/6711: byterange problems in 1.3.14
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 14:08:19 GMT
hi everybody.

i encountered another possible hint to that pdf-problem.

1. when i disable KeepAlive, everything just works fine.

2.1. if i enable KeepAlive, and i have just a request to a pdf,
     and the make a new request to an ordinary html file,
     a bunch of 'weird' characters appread before the correct content
     of the html. somehow data from the old request merge into
     the new, independant request.

2.2. if i wait KeepAliveTimeout seconds, before i make that second
     request, then this second request is just fine.

our quick-fix is now to disable keepalive, in order to get the
pdf-viewer problems work.

cheers, tobi

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