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From "jlwpc1" <>
Subject Win32 File/Directory changes info
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2000 18:04:34 GMT

Seems like Apache was looking for some info on file/directory changes?

The ReadDirectoryChangesW function retrieves information describing the changes occurring
within a directory.

The FindFirstChangeNotification function creates a change notification handle and sets up
initial change notification filter conditions. A wait on a notification handle succeeds when
a change matching the filter conditions occurs in the specified directory or subtree.

Why not use the Win32 OS Shell functions?




Notifies the system of an event that an application has performed. An application should use
this function if it performs an action that may affect the shell.

An application notifies the shell by calling SHChangeNotify with the details of what has changed.
The shell can then update its image of the namespace to accurately reflect its new state.

Simple Example of Managing Files with SHFileOperation

Managing the File System
The shell provides a number of ways to manage file systems. The shell provides a function,
SHFileOperation, that allows an application to programmatically move, copy, rename, and delete
files. The shell also supports some additional file management capabilities:


Notifying the Shell
Notify the shell of the change after using SHFileOperation to move, copy, rename, or delete
files, or after taking any other action that affects the namespace. Actions that should be
accompanied by notification include:

 Adding or deleting files or folders. 
 Moving, copying, or renaming files or folders. 
 Changing a file association. 
 Changing file attributes. 
 Adding or removing drives or storage media. 
 Creating or disabling a shared folder. 
 Changing the system image list. 

All the above are part of the Win32 OS!


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