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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: 1.3.15
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 01:28:43 GMT
Win9x is broken (that's a statement, not a question.)  It -will- be fixed
before I sleep on Friday (Saturday a.m.?)  NT works already, 2000 needs a
two line patch I will apply tommorow a.m.  

I solved the problem with a 9x-only .dll that 'pretends' to be NT, with
a working HandlerFunction() implementation.  It is a nasty three level 
deep implemenation consisting of:

*) hook winoldap
     -> hidden apache window proc to handle the tty wnd messages
        -> ap_console_handler callback of CTRL_CLOSE/LOGOFF/SHUTDOWN

But it is (nearly) entirely isolated from ApacheCore.dll, so this will be
a beautiful thing.  Console Apache actually works, and the handler breaks 
(at the moment) the Win9x services.  I'd like to get them working again on 
Friday, along with the taskbar monitor (which is halfway there).  The 9x
service simply may never work again with the console window running, though.

Bottom line, I may not be done till early next week.  If you are willing
to roll once Andrew, Jim, and a few others test, I'm +1 once these few
patches are in.

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> Can we please release 1.3.15?  If nobody else wants to do it, I am willing
> to be RM on Monday.
> Ryan
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