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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Implementing split() on pipe buckets?
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2000 14:43:34 GMT
> From: []
> Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2000 11:58 PM
> > The cases we are discussing are all fifo problems.  Can't we have a common
> > wrapper that handles (with the extra error conditions) any fifo bucket, outside
> > of the explicit and atomic calls (split, duplicate) that offer predictable fifo
> > behavior for filters that don't care to work around these issues themselves?
> > e.g. ap_bucket_split_any, ap_bucket_duplicate_any, etc.  They can carry their
> > documented shortcomings, and the author who uses them does so at a cost?
> fine, but those are Apache functions, not bucket functions.  These things
> cannot be implemented in the buckets code.  That is all I have been
> saying.  The bucket implementation does not allow for splitting pipes or
> sockets, so if we want to wrap those, then that is up to Apache.

That's fine... we can add these functions to util.c or somewhere appropriate in
the main or ap directory (which is an Apache lib).  In the long term, I'd argue
they can be considered bucket functions, which need to grow if a lifo or other
goofy bucket case were added.

> I don't want to pollute the buckets with Apache specific ideas, and how we
> recover from not getting enough data is Apache specific.  If we want to
> implement a pipe/socket split, then it MUST be done at the Apache level.

Agreed, but I don't think these are Apache-specific.  Some bucket users
would like the functions some (you, perhaps :-) wouldn't care for them,
and that argument would persist outside of Apache.

Speaking of which (uh oh, he's thinking and has coffee in hand :-) what do
folks think of moving the buckets into APR?  I believe we have proved they
aren't Apache specific entities.  If someone wants to make the case that
they are useful to (and would be used by) other projects, I'd be +1 to see
them in APR.

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