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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Plan for 2.0b1
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 10:47:44 GMT writes:

> Okay,  we have just released the 7th alpha, and I would like to see a
> beta release finally.  Here are the issues I see as pressing before we can
> go beta, please add to the list if you see something I missed.  I would
> really like to see this beta happen at ApacheCon Europe.
> The list:
> 	Remove Buff from the server completely
> 	Fix mod_include
> 	Cleanup some memory leaks
> 	Search for and fix all the XXX's in the code
> That's it on my list of things to do before beta.  I am not volunteering
> to do them all, just trying to get a list out there.

A big issue is performance tuning...  (In fact, "tuning" may not be a
strong-enough word, as some obvious throw-away implementations have
cropped up during the filter enhancements.)  A lot of that should be
done before the beta cycle starts.  Our beta testers would generally
expect increasing robustness throughout the beta cycle.  If we wait
until the beta cycle to try to achieve decent performance we'll break
this expectation.  If we break this expectation we lose beta testers.

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