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Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-2.0/src CHANGES
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 13:44:02 GMT

In a message dated 00-10-30 13:28:54 EST, Ryan writes...

>  > > > Because I think there is a base-level expectation that the 
>  > > > best place to get things FOR Apache is FROM Apache. 
>  > >  
>  > >  That is an incorrect expectation.  
>  > 
>  > Oh, I see. Ryan speaks.
>  No, Ryan gives his opinion.

Roger that.
>  > What I am talking about is a known CENTRAL distribution point 
>  > and what better place than the place where you get the product itself?
>  > 
>  > You (Covalent) run the modules database, right?
>  No, covalent provides a box to run on.  Covalent has
>  done that for a very long time.

So what is for if not a 'central repository'?
>  > You (Covalent) is/are the lead designer(s) at this point, right?
>  No, the Apache Group is the developers.  Covalent employees some of the
>  programmers, but we are Apache Group members, and we do what is right for
>  Apache.

...and I am suggesting that what is 'right' for Apache is to simply have one
single point where people can get both product and add-ons (modules).
>  > Why not just do a fast-dump of latest versions of modules
>  > right from Covalent into SOME downloadable version of a release
>  > bin and put the biggest, most generic disclaimer you can on it
>  > about these just being 'goodies'?
>  Covalent doesn't "own" the modules in  Covalent
>  provides a common place for people to put their modules.  Think of it like
>  the FreeBSD ports stuff.  We can't package them, because we don't own
>  them.  Those modules are written by other people with their own products
>  and those people do the releases.

Now I am really confused. See question above. What is this online modules
database FOR, then, if not the place where 'freely available modules' can
be found. I don't get it.

'Covalent provides a common place for people to put their modules'.

So what does 'put' mean? You can upload but no one can get them?

if ANYONE has a module that they would LIKE to have go out with
the official Apache distribution then have them click a button that
says 'I understand that if I upload my module to this public server
that Apache is free to distribute it'.

What would any other kind of module other than those that are
'freely' distributable be doing sitting on the Covalent machine(s)?

>  > I still think most folks would 'appreciate' that.
>  > 
>  > The latest download of MSIE is 56 megabytes so you have
>  > a LOOONG way to go yet before you even apporach the pain level
>  > that most people are already used to 'out there'.
>  So because MS does something brain-dead, we have to follow suite?  I don't
>  think so.

Ah... us agains MS again... I see.
Okay, Never mind.

"Nothing so unites a people as a common enemy".

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Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc.

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