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Subject Re: providing content-length
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 17:57:26 GMT

> I've looked through the current filtering code 'as is' and I still really
> don't see why you can't be maintaining content length at all
> times if you simply WANT to. The API's are in control. The engine

It is possible if you WANT to, but the filter has to buffer everything in
order to do it.  It is not possible for the core to maintain
content-length, a filter must do it.

> is there. NOTHING is happening without either the buckets code
> or the filter code knowing about so I guess I don't see what 
> the big deal is.

Because when you are about to send the headers for the first time, if you
don't have all the data, the content length may change.  The general
concept of content-length will only work if you have all of the data ready
to send when you try to send the headers.

> I also still don't see the decision making process regarding who/what
> is ABLE to handle 'chunked encoding'. Are you going to 406 if you
> don't get 'Accept-encoding: chunked' from a UA and something 
> starts to filter without tracking content length? You should.

No.  If something doesn't send "Accept-encoding: chunked" and we don't
have a content-length, then we will buffer the data and compute the
content-length before we send it.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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