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Subject RE: Plan for 2.0b1
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 16:21:21 GMT

> > The caching modules stuff is still using BUFF, and it should be
> > re-written to be a filter, because that is really the only 
> > way it makes a great deal of sense.
> which caching modules stuff are we talking about here?  mod_file_cache
> is brand new, and most definately has been supported by FirstBill, so 
> you must be talking about something that doesn't click with me.

if you look at modules/file_cache, that is the caching stuff I am looking
at.  Notice, this is completely different from mod_file_cache that is in
modules/standard.  The file_cache directory was added by somebody doing
proxy work.

> > It seems to me, that we used to only allow modules in the core 
> > distribution if there was somebody in the group to take
> > responsability for them.  Well, those modules seem to have snuck in
> > because we were in pre-alpha mode.  Is anybody keeping those 
> > modules up to date?  If not, should we remove them?  If so, what is 
> > their status?
> Move anything you might want gone to src/modules/unsupported
> after which they can find their way back home with a maintainer.

That is an option.  I would like to hear from other people though, so I am
not doing anything for at least a few days.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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