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From Dale Ghent <>
Subject Re: Anyone have experience with USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT serialization on Solaris 2.6 ?
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 21:32:26 GMT
On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, Bill Stoddard wrote:

| I see comments in the doc and around the code suggesting that there may be
| server stability problems with using pthread accept serialization. Anyone have
| any recent experiences on Solaris 2.6 and above?

I've been running Apache 1.3.9/DSO for the past year with
-DUSE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT, and I've had a problem that I think may
be attributed to it. About once a month, the children seem to deadlock and
not accept() connections. I'm guessing that the mutex isnt being released
under some conditions. I've hit the server with ab, trying to recreate it 
thinking that high connection rates might do it, but I havnt been
successful. So it remains a hidden bugaboo for me.

I've thought that perhaps, if stuck mutex lock is the case, maybe we
should run pthread_mutex_trylock() before hand?


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