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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject WG: multithreaded apache... (fwd)
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2000 14:53:52 GMT

Anyone want to take the time to answer his question?  "No" is an
acceptable answer.


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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 12:52:07 +0200
From: Markus Niedermaier <>
Subject: WG: multithreaded apache...

Hi Brian,

I found your name in an article about the new architectures for the apache
Especially the discussed ideas about multithreading versions of apache made
us hope for “more”.
We are trying to create a solution for a scalable apache-webserver, based on
a Linux (suse 7.0) Cluster of two Siemens primergies and a Master/Slave pair
of a MySQL-database (also on two primergies, not clustered) we are very much
interested in your experiences on that theme. Looking for already existing
solutions we found your name and address in the web.

Since we are absolutely new to clusters we hope to get a lot of tips and
tricks from you.
The system we´re designing shall work as a popular portal within the web,
therefore we need high permformance as well as high availability.
Being very enthousiastic with our ideas we got a response of a honorable
university professor, which was very frustrating:

First, I suggest that you do some reading about cluster computing and
how it differs from SMPs. One important difference is that clusters
do not have good support for shared memory. This is simply a result of
the fact the Linux does not provide support for such services, called
Distributed Shared Memory (DSM).

Unfortunately, Apache is based on shared memory because it was designed
to execute on SMPs and not on clusters. We get many requests for such
services, unfortunately we did not write Apache and we can't change it.
Bottom line, you will not be able to build a scalable apache-webserver
on top of MOSIX because Apache is not suitable to run on a cluster.

So the central question for us is your opinion on this statement, especially
in relation to the possibilities offered by the multithreaded future for the
And, just for a correct understanding: is an apache-cluster, as described on
many sites an application-cluster or a (classic) cluster of the underlying

Thanks in forehand,
Markus Niedermaier

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