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From "Fielding, Roy" <>
Subject RE: Filesystem utf-8 i18n?
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 00:23:41 GMT
>   Does the list feel acceptance of UTF-8 extension of URL resources
> is established enough to build something on the premise?

Established enough?  The server can interpret a URL however it wishes.
That should not impact how Apache works.  Or do you mean internally
translating UTF-8 to Unicode binary for use in a windows API function?
In that case, I have no clue.

In general, it is generally a bad idea to allow too many URLs to map
to the same resource within the server -- that is when security holes
and excessive spidering becomes a problem.  As long as you can pick
a canonical form and externally redirect non-canonical versions of the URL
to the canonical form in a computationally reasonable fashion, I'm happy.

> [Yes Roy... I see you are following the list... prepared to be blasted :-]

Nah, I still don't have my e-mail setup under control yet -- barely
keeping up with the incoming.


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