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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Hmmm
Date Sun, 08 Oct 2000 15:09:13 GMT
OK, so now it's actually sending data back (re-synched with CVS) but now 
it just sends 

<TITLE>501 Method Not Implemented</TITLE>
<H1>Method Not Implemented</H1>
 to /index.html not supported.<P>
Invalid method in request <P>
<ADDRESS>Apache/2.0a7 Server at godzilla Port 80</ADDRESS>

repeatedly.  This I'm guessing is the new input filtering throwing a 
wobbly?  This is generated when I telnet to port 80 and then just type 
any character and is repeated until the server is killed.  If no-one 
else is seeing this then it'll be something BeOS specific and I'll have 
to go digging...


"I never get involved in my own life, it's way
too complicated."

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