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From Weber Sylvia <>
Subject Announce: NTLM authentication module (now GPL free)
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 13:30:01 GMT
I've made the complete code of my previous announced module mod_auth_ntlm
GPL free. At the moment apache 1.3.12 is supported. But I'm on my way to
transition to apache 2.0. Here's my original announcement. Any help or
inputs are greatly welcome. Surely I will send the code on request.


I have written a module which is capable of doing ntlm (Windows NT Domain
Controller) style authentication. Here you can use challenge/response
protocol like the combination of IIS and Internet Explorer in Intranets.

You can choose two modes:
	1. You use challenge/response mode (truely like IIS). Now, with a NT
Domain controller, your not asked for username and password, your Domain
logon is used.
	2. You use normal .htaccess control (basic authentication), but no
htpasswd is used. Username and password are verified against the Windows
NT Domain controller.

This is a normal apache module, with small parts of the samba code.

Though it's my first time of code or patch contribution I would be glad to
get some help and testing from people out there.

I will send the code on request.

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