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From Jon Travis <>
Subject Filtering Concern
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 20:16:51 GMT
I have a small concern with how filtering is currently being handled.

In summary, it is just that we are using the request_rec for some
of the filtering calls/callbacks.  This seems to me, to be a case of
too much integration between Apache and the filtering code, and
not enough modularity.

The chief reason behind my concern is that future modules (for
instance protocol modules), may wish to use the filtering code
but not have anything to do with request_recs.  Sure, these
modules can use the code as it exists today, and just pass around
NULL everywhere for request_rec's, and act like a conn_rec
filter.  It just doesn't seem fundamentally correct, though.

I have heard that part of the reason for requiring the request_rec
in some of the functions/datatypes is that subrequest handling
needs it.  I am not intimately familiar with how subrequest
handling is done, but it seems to me that filter->ctx should be
able to take care of this quite nicely.

I would propose that all ties to the request_rec be broken in the
filter code, and that if Apache wishes to make a connection, it
should do so through the filter context.

-- Jon

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