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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Plan for 2.0b1
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 16:29:47 GMT wrote:

> This also ties in to the proxy and caching modules code.  Those two
> modules are horribly broken right now.  I am subscribed to the mod_proxy
> list, and it is dead.  I think there have been two messages on it
> total.  The caching modules stuff is still using BUFF, and it should be
> re-written to be a filter, because that is really the only way it makes a
> great deal of sense.

The mod_proxy in the v2.0 tree was forked at a point when the mod_proxy
in the v1.3 tree was broken. So far sufficient changes have been made to
the mod_proxy in v2.0 to make porting the fixes a real problem, and as
the caching has been removed from the module I don't believe that adding
HTTP/1.1 support will be easy, even if possible.

I have put together a design for a general caching module for Apache
that would use filters. Never having used filters before I figured a
design would be a better idea rather than code - at least people that
know much more than me can tell me if the idea is crap or not. This
caching using filters design would then let caching work properly in
mod_proxy, which would then reduce down to a very simple network access

I'll just go over the design again quickly and post it here...


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