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Subject Complete mod_gzip.c source attached to this message
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2000 11:13:01 GMT

FYI: mod_gzip for Apache is now available with complete source code

mod_gzip.c is attached to this message.

Headline article today 10.13.00 at webreference site...
Article title: "mod_gzip released for Apache"

Featured news story about mod_gzip and HTTP compression at webreference site...

mod_gzip home page ( Contains links for downloading all pre-compiled
versions of ApacheModuleGzip.dll for Windows and for
Linux, UNIX, etc. Also contains links for downloading SOURCE CODE.)...

mod_gzip online FAQ...

Pre-compiled binary sizes...
Windows - ApacheModuleGzip.dll - Only 38k
Linux - - Only 57k
Solaris7 64-bit version - - Only 58k

Source code: mod_gzip.c ( Only 161k complete )

There are no header files or any other source code files.
mod_gzip.c is the only source code file there is.

There is also no requirement for any 3rd party compression
libraries whatsoever. All the code that mod_gzip needs is
in mod_gzip.c itself.

mod_gzip.c contains a highly optimized and Web-Server
thread safe version of the LZ77 + Huffman compression 
technique that has come to be known as GZIP.

Runs perfectly as either an external DSO load module or built
right into the core.


Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc. - Free IETF Encoding Server - Free Enhanced ApacheBench - Free Apache module

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