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Subject Re: 1.3.14 win32
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 18:09:29 GMT
>  Daniel,
>    It looks stellar :-)
 Glad you liked it (thanks go for Covalent, who has been providing
 the resources to make the win32 releases happen)
>    Could you commit the install scriptlet/config to the tree, and 
>  tag as APACHE_1_3_14_WINSTALL (or whatever sillyness you like)?
 I will commit the changes to the cvs, but probably not after
 Apachecon, when I get more free time and also:
 a) IS 5 projects are a lot of small files mixed with binary ones.
 I have to figure out which ones to commit and which ones not to
 b) The Apache Group does not have a license for IS 5.5, this is Covalent
 private copy, I do not know if there is going to be any legal problem
 with making these files publicly available. Or somebody bitching that
 "how we dare use a commercial tool in an open source project??" 
 or something
 I personally think there should be no problem at all
>    I think we are good for go.  But be warned, splash screen and
>  the License are (c) 1999 - are you sure you are pulling the newest
>  license from apache-1.3/LICENSE?
 Um, the included LICENSE is the one that is in CVS and 
 distributed with the unix src tarball. I will look
 into the splash screen

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