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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Apache open PR summary for Sat Oct 7 03:06:00 PDT 2000
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2000 10:06:00 GMT
 Num Category State    Sypnosis
2762 apache-a feedback subprocess cleanup can fail on restart/shutdown
4045 apache-a open     Cannot load dynamic modules written in C++
4456 apache-a open     ErrorLog directive causes SIGPIPE when errors are present.
4698 apache-a open     API function to provide access to status_lines[]
4914 apache-a open     scoreboard connection count (conn_count) too small in some cases
4987 apache-a open     Include AuthGroup name in the invironment variables to CGI scripts
5188 apache-a open     Memory is moving around for no reason.
5318 apache-a open     Variable names in prototypes causing problems
5601 apache-a open     httpd dumps core on startup when mod_perl is built with APXS
5639 apache-a open     Global variables unavailable due to fork()
5771 apache-a open     Comparison of encrypted password improperly fails
5774 apache-a open     The file doesn't compile.
6245 apache-a open     if my self-made module is added into httdp.conf, server will crash. My module works on 1-3-6.version.
6350 apache-a open     Apache refuses to restart.
6359 apache-a open     Server hangs during error processing after POSTed body has been read by content handler
1004 apache-a suspende request_config field in request_rec is moderately bogus
1158 apache-a suspende improvements to child spawning API
1233 apache-a suspende there is no way to keep per-connection per-module state
2024 apache-a suspende adding auth_why to conn_rec
3143 apache-a suspende No module specific data hook for per-connection data
6214 build    feedback gethostname() problem
6607 build    feedback Building Apache on Mac OS X PB
6160 build    open     I follow the document(INSTALL) and try to build the Apache executable I face problem at step ./Configure
6250 build    open     ld values-Xa.o: unknown flag: Bexport
6297 build    open     The configure expect that code in the dummy.c is good for -lc-client (imap lib), but dummy.c if bad for this lib.
6365 build    open     configure generates invalid parameters for various uses of mod_dir
6401 build    open     Problems running the configure script
6402 build    open     The script generates fatal errors.
6436 build    open     Build fails with libdso.a error
6459 build    open     2.0a6 configure problem on Irix
6535 build    open     When make isn't installed, the errors aren't helpful
6631 build    open     Mod_proxy doesn't build.
1630 config   analyzed Full status reports are not enabled even with rule STATUS=yes
2116 config   analyzed Wrong flags for native compiler on Solaris
2162 config   analyzed Some directives use trailing "/", others do not.
2448 config   analyzed incorrect handling of .Z and .gz extensions
3169 config   analyzed The Include directive should also work in Directory context
3281 config   feedback Unable to get .htaccess to work at subdirectory level.
3318 config   feedback Making apache/src/main/util.o 1.3.3 on RedHat 5.1 fails /// 1.3.2 builds just fine
3560 config   feedback LogFormat error message when executing httpd for the first time
3718 config   feedback make says Apache not configured for DSO support
3738 config   feedback Name-based virtual hosts listening on multiple IP addresses
3906 config   feedback Servers hang on either Keepalive or on Read (if keepalive is turned off)
3956 config   feedback Apache's configure script break under new versions of grep
4016 config   feedback Can't start httpd
4056 config   feedback the start/stop file, apachectl, need minor addtions for HP and Linux
4085 config   feedback SymLinks are followed in 1.2.4, but not in 1.3.4
4402 config   feedback "configure" fails if SharedModule directives are added in Configuration.tmpl
4432 config   feedback apachctl fullstatus fails
4569 config   feedback Allow from LOCAL not supported
4919 config   feedback Incompatibility with the C compiler of RedHat Linux 6.0
5862 config   feedback Serious Bugs found using AuthUser and AuthGroup ...
6222 config   feedback NameVirtualHost doesn't work where there is a '-' or a '_' in the domain name.
6224 config   feedback Could not bind to port 204 on startup
6272 config   feedback ServerName directive ignored
6494 config   feedback Porting APACHE on Unisys SVR4 system
2587 config   open     problems linking shared modules
2590 config   open     Linking of modules libs
2612 config   open     apachectl does not check if `cat` is an httpd process
3000 config   open     BrowserMatch(NoCase)/SetEnvIf(NoCase) allowed in htaccess
3142 config   open     apachectl configtest reported config OK but would not start...
3297 config   open     LogFormat does not recognize "" as format
3649 config   open     [PATCH] concatenate Configuration lines ending in \
3667 config   open     'make' fails to compile 'suexec.c'
3728 config   open     Default compile doesn't have "-O" set
3823 config   open     enabling a module as shared does not cause it to link against the necessary extra libraries
4341 config   open     ErrorDocument directive ignored in virtual host definitions
4370 config   open     Make warns about incompatible pointer assignments and conversions
4371 config   open     Make fails because Ultrix "ar" truncates filenames (?)
4387 config   open     Building mod_perl, `../apaci` not found
4409 config   open     access problem after changing User and Group in http.conf to http
4436 config   open adds extra slash to $SR in httpd.conf
4469 config   open     mod_auth_db fails to configure with libdb2 installed.
4557 config   open     .htaccess /htgroup WILL not work.
4595 config   open     Addition for mime.types
4600 config   open     mime-types incorrectly assigns XYZ files to chemical/x-pdb
4615 config   open     Would like to be able to UNDEFINE name
4634 config   open     GNU layout : configuration error
4685 config   open     http_core.c is wrong (misleading?) about -DBIG_SECURITY_HOLE
4750 config   open     Option -ExecCGI doesn't work.
4783 config   open     wrong mime type for rar archives
4802 config   open     .configure generates Makefile which fails to find suexec.c source file
4842 config   open     configure,make and make install error
4853 config   open     explicit knowlege about shared object support for freebsd4.0
4927 config   open     NameVirtualHost and Port Numbers: One hosts captures all connections to other ports
4960 config   open     configure script doesn't read gcc as ANSI C compiler
4999 config   open     magic:0 string MThd audio/unknown is incorrect - should be audio/midi
5016 config   open     relative DocumentRoot support
5020 config   open     Modules list to long for Solaris' awk
5021 config   open     apachectl not abled to handle with different configfiles
5022 config   open     configure crashes in "Configure.apaci" script on AddModule
5029 config   open     Cannot compile 1.3.9, even with default options and no extra modules
5050 config   open     Can't build apache with DSO
5082 config   open     httpd dies after a successful start if the name of the logfile in a VirtualHost directive is invalid
5091 config   open     Form handling: Upload = server error when no file is specified
5100 config   open     Default config parameters supressed when --activate_module used
5112 config   open     submitting tree layout configuration for SuSE Linux 6.x
5122 config   open     apxs fails when using non-default gcc
5125 config   open     Order directive in config file must appear lowercase
5149 config   open     See above
5166 config   open     "apachectl configtest" does not detect duplicate Listen statements
5179 config   open     IncludesNoExec on Options do not allow to use SSI with a php3 page EVEN if it is protected
5212 config   open     "satisfy any" in the config file without any related conf lines causes 500 errors but no logging of cause
5214 config   open     Feature request - better error messages
5230 config   open     ./configure --enable-rule=... does not work
5265 config   open     Error while running the Configure utility
5272 config   open     fatal: relocation error: file apache/libexec/ symbol ap_table_setn: referenced symbol not found
5282 config   open     Design Bug in "Options Indexes"
5287 config   open     need to edit 'Rule WANTHSREGEX' in src/Configuration.tmpl
5291 config   open     Editting variebles in the configure script.
5303 config   open     Shell metacharacters in string returned by GuessOS
5358 config   open     Virtual Host work crazily
5406 config   open     The order of ServerAlias directives in Virtualhost directives shouldn't matter.
5456 config   open     Apache works well but can't run servlet. The document no data
5502 config   open     Will not confugure with Socks enabled
5517 config   open     The first comand of apaci, resulte is this :
5550 config   open     handling of TAKE13 parameters
5581 config   open     Virtual hosts never work at all, you only get the main page.
5583 config   open     AllowOverride doesn't work when used within a <DirectoryMatch> or <Directory ~> directive.
5584 config   open     Permission denied with automount directory for .htaccess file
5649 config   open     Failed to compile Apache 1.3.9 with JServ 1.1
5652 config   open     Apache won't restart after I add a NameVirtual domain above 30
5663 config   open     Second iteration of TransferLog seems to overwrite the second log with info from the first
5665 config   open     getting the perror("fopen") in http_config.c:1196 - will not read conf
5672 config   open     KeepAlive enable/disable not flexible enough.
5701 config   open     apxs isn't configured
5706 config   open     Reporting a bug in dynamic linker while running configure
5734 config   open     cannot open -lcrypt
5748 config   open     cannot use the colon (':') character in --prefix
5749 config   open     MaxClients never goes beyond 256
5761 config   open     <Location>, CGI scripts (Perl) and AuthName
5762 config   open     How can i Shutdown apache on VMS ???
5764 config   open     make install does evil when layout not fully specified
5767 config   open     configure fails because of peculiarity in sed
5814 config   open     AddDescription implementation bug - using FancyIndexing, specifying .h as file name for AddDescription also maps to .html, should only occur if .h* is used (actually, shouldn't it be *.h* ?)
5840 config   open     Apache 1.3.9 for NT and IE 5 problem
5845 config   open     httpd keeps truncating own httpd.log file
5896 config   open     multipart-messages and squid-proxy-server
5939 config   open     Multi IP on Win98 & virtualhost
6021 config   open     no file or directory found at ./configure etc...
6043 config   open     ./configure is clean, but make fails
6057 config   open     Apache htdocs - wrong country code?
6089 config   open     compile with PHP activation fails with LD error
6096 config   open     In specific cases vhosts don't work
6120 config   open     REDIRECT_STATUS
6168 config   open     language specific AddCharset in httpd.conf & browserbug
6209 config   open     Compiling and Installing
6246 config   open     httpd won't start because of bad lines in httpd.conf
6285 config   open     chroot httpd
6310 config   open     Running LoadModule error
6316 config   open     Last-modified header not being output on static HTML files in NameVirtualHosts
6333 config   open     Redirected error document causes authentication to fail
6393 config   open     backup files with tilda (~) et the end of filename are not parsed by default
6409 config   open     Apache dies if <Dir> doesn't exist in *Log directive
6433 config   open     Apache httpd does not start after installing ApacheJServ-1.1.2-1.i386.rpm
6536 config   open     Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 82: Unexpected end of line seen
6541 config   open     add a -d option to apxs to allow deletion of module added by "-e -a"
6574 config   open     on starting up, apache is looking for registry entries that are not there
6613 config   open     I have updated mime.types, new types and extensions added since Sept 22 (and possibly from eariler too)
6634 config   open     ServerAlias behaves strangely
 628 config   suspende Request of "Options SymLinksIfGroupMatch"
 922 config   suspende it is useful to allow specifiction that root-owned symlinks should always be followed
1156 config   suspende insufficent AllowOverrides granularity for autoindexing
2113 config   suspende HTTP Server Rebuild Line Needs Changing for the better
2421 config   suspende problem specifying ndbm library for build ?with autoconfigure
2446 config   suspende AllowOverride FileInfo is too coarse
2760 config   suspende [PATCH] User/Group for <Directory> and <Location> i.e. not only in global and <Virtual>.
2873 config   suspende Feedback/Comment on APACI
2907 config   suspende suggestion: power up your Include directive :)
3181 config   suspende Configuration file in Japanese
4241 config   suspende Need to be able to override shebang line to make CGI scripts more portable.
4244 config   suspende "Files" and "FilesMatch" regexp does not recognize bang as negation operator
5079 config   suspende Apache header files should have a private name, e.g. #include "apache/httpd.h"
2445 document analyzed Docs have many (Allow)Override omissions, etc
3811 document analyzed Content_Length doesn't match the length of the content received.
4893 document analyzed CGI script's output IS buffered on windows
4971 document analyzed wrong CONTENT_LENGTH due to CRLF->LF conversion
5099 document analyzed common problems on Windows NT not described in documentation
5849 document analyzed Piped logs under Win32 suffer some syntactic differences
5917 document analyzed Suggestion for documentation
6289 document analyzed filename restrictions in Windows OS
6330 document analyzed Setup fails under Windows ME (Millenium Edition)
3903 document feedback Difficulties using ALIAS in httpd.conf under Win32
5041 document feedback I was having problems compiling mod_php3 and mod_perl w/ 1.3.9
3926 document open     Install documentation suggestions to help newbies
4008 document open     ErrorDocument docs are missing information
4326 document open     UseCanonicalName disdocumented
4344 document open     Docs Suggestion
4619 document open     XBitHack not allowed in .htaccess, but allowed in <Location>
4720 document open     example of  302 Redirect can't work for IE3.0
4732 document open     /htdocs/manual/misc/security_tips.html could use structural improvement
4789 document open     Mistake regarding syntax of --enable-shared option in INSTALL
4859 document open     Minor documentation bug
4924 document open     Not following the licence of the regex lib
5075 document open     please document interaction between #include virtual and ScriptAlias
5367 document open     Documentation should mention explicitely need to use Port 80 instead of 8080
5489 document open     ab man page contains many errors.
5501 document open     The translation of index.html page is provided for Slovene language.
5524 document open     problem with problem report website
5540 document open     improvement to INSTALL
5554 document open     Please modify the AddCharset document
5832 document open     File Descriptors
6343 document open     An inconsistence betwen de INSTALL file and de HowTo file
6354 document open     Typo in README.configure
6529 document open     --exec-prefix option is not documented (in INSTALL)
6567 document open     Apache FAQ question D.5 should also suggest mounting the shm virtual fs for new kernels
6570 document open     Error in meta tag with charset causing problem with codepage decoding tools.
6610 document open     XBitHack full - useful functionality on win32 but no documentation
6624 document open     There's no statement on whether overlapping <Location> tags are acceptible
2221 document suspende Make online documentation search link back to my installation
5786 document suspende mod_cgi/Win32 additional documentation desired
 792 general  analyzed race condition with SIGUSR1 graceful restart
1305 general  analyzed Apache is *very* unprotected against characters with 8bit set
1474 general  analyzed No logging when killing above MaxSpareServers -- suggested patch included
1750 general  analyzed Configure encourages changes, but I can't find a suitable place to send them.
1990 general  analyzed Pb during step 3of the installation procedure
1999 general  analyzed Messages in error logfile.
2057 general  analyzed Authentication using htaccess fails
2344 general  analyzed httpd appears to ignore command line flags -d dir and -f config
2487 general  analyzed ap_strcmpmatch fails on case-blind file systems (Severe error)
2850 general  analyzed Server restart causes "long lost child came home!"
2270 general  feedback Required Patches to Apache sources for FrontPage Module
2780 general  feedback <Directory> does not work in access.conf
2878 general  feedback apachectl sometimes falsely reports that the server is running when trying to start
3301 general  feedback Severe performance problems under heavy load - not noticed in apache-1.3.1
3310 general  feedback httpd caused huge load
3321 general  feedback Compilation problems
3325 general  feedback blank page instead of ServerName page
3368 general  feedback can not download excel file
3377 general  feedback .htaccess _requires_ AuthType directive in order to work
3437 general  feedback Interprets method incorrectly.
3438 general  feedback Configuration scripts not working
3554 general  feedback After kill -TERM and restart, directory indexing no longer works
3709 general  feedback Spontaniously Starts up new top level HTTPD processes which eats up CPU time & never ends
3722 general  feedback File table overflow
3724 general  feedback Frequently receiving error 'Server Returned an Invalid Response' in Internet Explorer or 'Server returned no data' in Netscape
3739 general  feedback Problem with Network(netware novell) drive use as serving web files
3794 general  feedback Java client gets server status 206 or server status 200 as exception when reading data from server
3865 general  feedback ScriptAlias gives CGI a bogus SCRIPT_NAME env var
4015 general  feedback not enough file descriptors
4063 general  feedback POST times out
4145 general  feedback cannot use tabulation in image map files
4295 general  feedback Starting httpd seems to be OK but no process runs
4357 general  feedback apachectl can't redirect to alternate configuation file
4584 general  feedback - DBIG_SECURITY_HOLE doesn't Work
4620 general  feedback CPU at 100%
4704 general  feedback Netscape loading web pages as text/plain instead of html
4728 general  feedback .htpasswd file can be wiped out if filesystem full
4807 general  feedback Action, SetHandler, and Location interaction. Trying to mimic SetHandler server-info with a different handler.
4982 general  feedback getting "server seems busy" upon apache startup with no traffic
5157 general  feedback compile fails on util_uri.c
5218 general  feedback Files do not transfer completely -- access_log show status 200 but shows actual bytes transfered
5336 general  feedback Apache process hangs, and parent will not die.
5558 general  feedback htpasswd returning errors
5635 general  feedback system runs out of memory and crashes
5784 general  feedback Windows CGI 1.1 support
5806 general  feedback could not protect files by htpasswd pgm
5863 general  feedback Server going into Apache's hangs and has heavy load when serving pages by the Inktomi traffic server (which includes AOL)
6175 general  feedback make_sock: failed to get a socket for port 80
6197 general  feedback wrong function use
6323 general  feedback Build fails
6551 general  feedback Hostnames with underscore produce "Client sent malformed Host header"
6597 general  feedback Can't download or open e-mail attachments with IE4 SP2 or IE5.01 whereas OK with Netscape
2580 general  open     Apache won't run CGI scripts executable only by a supplementary group
2904 general  open     Another solution to PR#2431 (customisation of filenames in rotatelogs)
3040 general  open     mmap is not a good idea for very large files
3098 general  open     apache does not report some system errors.
3172 general  open     Apache claims no access to create indexes for directories in <VirtualHost>
3308 general  open     binary distribution available - how to submit to binary archive?
3352 general  open     race condition between graceful restart and child opening PID
3386 general  open     Memory usage per httpd-process rockets up to 100MB
3395 general  open     Problem with ProxyPass and authentification
3441 general  open     APache fails to start -- silently -- with very large log file
3459 general  open     Logresolve interprets long loglines as several loglines
3478 general  open     bug in unsupported patch macaddr.patch
3494 general  open     the files in share/[htdocs|icons]/ get odd ownerships
3506 general  open     can not locate an REMOTE_ADDR. If Netscape Server is running on the same comp it's working...
3511 general  open     AuthDBM not working
3515 general  open     Directory listings produced by apache are not HTML compliant
3536 general  open     File permission denied due to failure to use /etc/group
3563 general  open     I want to allow the definition and use of macros within runtime configuration files.
3565 general  open     When apache spawns a child process, it doesn't exit it cleanly.
3592 general  open     Order of merging <DirectoryMatch ..>/<Directory ~ ...> and .htaccess
3669 general  open     exec cmd=
3762 general  open     Redirect in .htaccess ignored if SymLinksIfOwnerMatch and owners dont match
3787 general  open     SERVER_PORT is always 80 if client comes to any port and doesn't send 'Host:'
3838 general  open     Netscape browsers looping on authentication when using alias names
3851 general  open     .htaccess / <Files(Match)> / current directory only (no sub-directories)
3912 general  open     Apache adds Content-Location with ProxyPass
3937 general  open     Design issues concerning shared memory.
3959 general  open     Random corrupted date/time entries in access logfiles.
4019 general  open     .htaccess
4050 general  open     Top level Makefile contains platform dependency in the part that determines the platform.
4066 general  open     configuration with --enable-shared=max causes module to not load
4082 general  open     How can we contribute money to the Apache project?
4122 general  open     mmap without limit considered harmful
4177 general  open     URLs aren't being parsed by Rewrite and ProxyPass, apache gets them
4196 general  open     Unable to launch HTTPD - "error in loading shared libraries cannot open"
4210 general  open     Identical (same IP & port) Listen directives hose Apache
4263 general  open     Status: 401 header generated by CGI script no longer works (used to work under 1.3.1)
4280 general  open     Can not handle the proxy request for chinese directories or files
4292 general  open     Some links are not displayed properly (probably mime type is not correct)
4359 general  open     'apachectl restart' inscreases memory usage each time
4393 general  open     Apache without mod_proxy does not give an error when it gets a proxy-request.
4406 general  open     File does not exist: proxy:http://
4408 general  open     Improper error message returned by server when a remote file server is down.
4463 general  open     some httpd have extremely large memory footprints, 10x the norm
4485 general  open     Will not allow deployment of ACtive-X components
4493 general  open     Can not compile - Vars undeclared in http_main
4503 general  open     It won't send any authentication request to the client browser when I use IE5.0.
4516 general  open     debug log with inetd
4527 general  open     If the machine running apache is not registered with DNS, the httpd startup fails, by default.
4550 general  open     ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE LD_LIBRARY_PATH becomes corrupted.
4551 general  open     Apache RLimitNPROC in virtual hosts does not seem to work
4552 general  open     Enhancement Request - Ability to publish document in a single file.
4554 general  open     More suggestions for user/group flexibility: see 2760 and 1769
4577 general  open     Segmentation fault during httpd start (and httpd -t, etc) no logs, seems related to shared mod symbols
4579 general  open     Fix "File does not exist" favicon.ico error by using 16*16 apache.ico
4610 general  open     Add Define command to the server configuration (mimics -D switch)
4654 general  open     Apache process won't die and hangs onto port 443
4655 general  open     Authentication Issue with Mod Rewrite
4679 general  open     Additional environment variable for ErrorDocuments
4686 general  open     Apache can fail to start because it (erroneously) thinks it is alreayd running
4688 general  open     environment variable REMOTE_GROUP not set
4694 general  open     ErrorDocument recursion on relative frame reference
4703 general  open     Byteserving issue less than 2k file
4714 general  open     No "build", etc, category exists for reporting bugs.
4726 general  open     Ickiness in the Y2K fix for support/log_server_status from PR4523
4731 general  open     Unable to Authenticate using ProxyPass
4736 general  open     again, parent won't die until child deaf
4785 general  open     support for (loadable) C++ modules
4787 general  open     tcp keepalive and ExitAfterIdleTimeout
4798 general  open     problem with Netscape 4.5 (French) - HTTP request still waiting a response on client side
4799 general  open     Errors logged are in a different format to NCSA and we would like to change it
4800 general  open     Apache causes Netscape to crash
4804 general  open     Changes necessary to get Apache 1.3.6 to port to Tandem
4805 general  open     Apache Server receives SIGUSR at 4 am sunday and a few times doesn't restart
4809 general  open     It would be nice if Apache could write compressed logfiles.
4819 general  open     offer
4824 general  open     no cookie is passed to the Client
4826 general  open     The httpd process reach to MaxClients very soon.
4831 general  open     Segmentation Violation/Core Dump when running a perl program with a server compiled with mod_perl and php3
4836 general  open     cannot grok "DRS 6000-whatever-UNIX_SV|4.2MP|7MPlus.9.8 and cannot make (compile)-
4837 general  open     Directory viewing not disabled through Alias
4849 general  open     SSI problem
4862 general  open     AuthRealm is lost during / -> /index.html automatic redirection
4867 general  open     Apache 1.3.6 is serving a scrambled JPG file using HTTP.
4874 general  open     Satisfy directive used improperly yields hard to diagnose errors.
4882 general  open     Server won't answer requests
4888 general  open     a suggestion for new features
4895 general  open     Apache server is resetting all TCP (SYN)requests from hosts
4897 general  open     Problem compil apache 1.3.9
4904 general  open     Problem with new option -H in ApacheBench (Headers)
4909 general  open     Apache dies (sometimes taking down the entire machine) with "Invalid argument: accept: (client socket)".
4923 general  open     <Files> denying, DirectoryIndex and "Options indexes" cause conflict
4932 general  open     PATH variable intermittently lost in CGI scripts
4934 general  open     LoadModule "loaded module %s" message never written to log file, regardless of LogLevel
4942 general  open     Normal behaviour to SIGTERM?
4948 general  open     Problem with mod_mime_magic using Netscape
4953 general  open     README files aren't read in 1.3.9, they were in 1.3.6
4956 general  open     combo-compile of php3/mysql/mod_ssl outputs -rpath compile errors
4959 general  open     users browsers start to download pages from our server but only get part of the page
4975 general  open     Apache/Jserv virtual directory bug
4977 general  open     access_log records server IP address when MaxClients is reached
4993 general  open     apachectl doesn't do any environment clean up
4994 general  open     ScriptLog directive is not working
4997 general  open     Netscape browsers looping on authentication when using alias names
5000 general  open     htpasswd write locks // megasite partial pages
5003 general  open     Running for apache  1.3.9, receive error: tar: couldn't get gname for gid 110.
5025 general  open     cann't load library ''
5032 general  open     when a network filesystem is unavailable,Apache returns access forbidden
5034 general  open     when using mod_auth_dce, get_path_info() can return incorrect results
5047 general  open     Apache sends requests to MSIE 5.0 client to resend packet 1
5053 general  open     incompatible type in indirect function reference - compile fails for http_main.c
5072 general  open     gcc: unrecognized option `-rpath'
5077 general  open     Path problem when using directory Alias and CGI
5089 general  open     Spawning childs up to MaxClients, decreasing traffic
5102 general  open     Apache 1.3.9 unable to allocate file descriptors
5137 general  open     Busy Virtual Host's can starve other virtual-hosts on the same machine / httpd instance.
5145 general  open     hostnamelookups now ON for virtualhost if .htaccess DENY statement contains FQDN instead of IP
5158 general  open     SNMP support
5160 general  open     -rdist unrecognized by compiler
5164 general  open     duplicate lines in  httpd.conf
5165 general  open     Out of Memory during high loads
5168 general  open     HTTPD gets broken pipe when error 404
5194 general  open     How ro set server / domain alias  name
5200 general  open     error_log entries give variable and frankly inadequate information
5204 general  open     Primary web page redirected to random virtual page depending on full or partiallly qualified domain name
5215 general  open     "Range: bytes=" Not work.
5222 general  open     _popen in CGI program does not return output of the popen'd program.
5232 general  open     make failure
5252 general  open     Directory proxy:* deny doesn't work
5262 general  open     `ab 'generates Content-Length error when returned html pages have different sizes
5280 general  open     binary installation no more relocatable with --enable-rule=SHARED_CORE
5284 general  open     Repeatable performace decrease every 102 web hits
5306 general  open     C++ CGI hangs on system call (but worked correctly under OmniHTTPd 1.01)
5322 general  open     odd behaviour when looking for class files
5328 general  open     kill -USR1 has no effect
5341 general  open     gen_test_char and gen_uri_delims failed to execute in make
5346 general  open     MS IExplorer5.0 wants a user-name and password for Ms-Word documents
5349 general  open     Bugfix for HPUX11 in src/os/unix/os.c, HPUX and Apache APXS w/php3
5353 general  open     PATH_INFO is set incorrectly when <Location>s are used.
5357 general  open     White pages / empty pages in clients (MSIE, NETSCAPE)
5363 general  open     Including ap_config.h in C++
5366 general  open     Doesn't recognize an operating system during installation
5368 general  open     httpd process hangs - with error msg: accept:(client socket): Invalid Argument
5393 general  open     with IE5 server get a time out while applet download
5412 general  open     potential denial-of-service with CLOSE_WAIT
5428 general  open     Release should contain a TAGS file, or means of creating one
5448 general  open     Cannot get the Jrun to respond with servlets after install of SSL
5457 general  open     Incorrect response after partial transfer
5466 general  open     Location: url sent to a MSIE 4. or MSIE 5. Makes all apache server child process die and be restarted
5468 general  open     Unable to access files on remote file systems
5469 general  open     Jserv install problem -- make fails to compile jserv_mmap.c
5486 general  open     Server stops responding under Heavy load
5487 general  open     Wildcard not working in Directory command
5499 general  open     fcntl: F_SETLKW: Error getting accept lock, exiting! --> Kills httpd
5513 general  open     Listen directive is misinterpreted/does not behave like it should
5528 general  open     Big log file problem
5549 general  open     ErrorLog syslog should set facility for every logging
5553 general  open     Severe memory leaks on Apache 1.3.6.
5561 general  open     (2) chouldn't spawn child process - patch missing
5570 general  open     Apache sometimes cannot read a file, reporting it has no permissions
5580 general  open     I keep getting 403's on cgi's en server-status after compiling on a smp box
5590 general  open     After installing 1.3.9 upgrade I rebooted and got scriptalias problems.
5593 general  open     Apache generated strange messages in system's logfile
5600 general  open     documents are delivered from memory
5608 general  open     Suggested patch WRT PR# 2785
5609 general  open     Improper Directory directive causes crash without error message (passes configtest)
5615 general  open     PATH evironment var corrupted
5617 general  open     Apache fails to do HostnameLookups
5619 general  open     Some URLS hang httpd while consuming processor time
5623 general  open     Suggestion - it's now legal to include SSL
5627 general  open     manually unloading servlets
5629 general  open     Version Mismatch  1.3.9 or 1.3.11?
5632 general  open     how to debug servlets
5641 general  open     Will not start up,.. logs says "make_sock: failed to get a socket for port... but the ports are open... no other appication is using them
5642 general  open     Cleanup of type FLAG directives
5648 general  open     Failed to compile Apache 1.3.9 with JServ 1.1
5656 general  open     cannot start apache server automatically from scripts.
5667 general  open     Cookie values that contain an '=' are being truncated at the first '='.
5669 general  open     Compile-time performance options ignored
5673 general  open     error while running "tar" on the doqnloaded file
5674 general  open     auto reloading of servlets
5677 general  open     Content_type and content_encoding are lumped together
5687 general  open     unexpected behavior when '%2f' in path-info
5694 general  open     Startup problems - unchecked return value - when FD_SETSIZE not large enough
5704 general  open     'make install' changes permission of ALL "*.h" files in $includedir
5718 general  open     *still* AOL problems?
5724 general  open     Apache memory leak!
5729 general  open     .htacess files being ignored ONLY when virtual hosts are on.
5732 general  open     Incorrect handling of index in URL
5746 general  open     Troubles combining UseCanonicalName with DirectoryIndex
5751 general  open     Script runs fine at comand line, but yields (8)Exec format error through Apache
5752 general  open     If httpd is started with mod_php, it dies when sent SIGHUP
5760 general  open     Use of text type "t" in fopen call...
5766 general  open     AddDefaultCharset bug with CGI scripts
5770 general  open     Order of entries in logfile with Option "buffered logs"
5790 general  open     Too many open files error via CGI (may be mod_cgi problem)
5793 general  open     Mon Feb 21 11:39:03 2000] [crit] (10091)(FormatMessage failed with code 317): setup_inherited_listeners: WSASocket failed to get inherit the socket.
5801 general  open     JServ will not accept large amounts of name/vaule pairs using the POST method.
5808 general  open     (8)Exec format error upon exection of a script through apache (runs fine on command line)
5815 general  open     Doc refers to a non-existent file
5835 general  open     MSIE 4.5 PowerMac can't access any virtual host
5838 general  open     HTTPD becomes unresponsive
5843 general  open     Token (pag-no.) problem during server access to files in AFS
5872 general  open     AddDefaultCharset doesn't work with charset_name other then iso-8859-1
5873 general  open     mod_asis doc says module should add last-modified-date header, but it shouldn't!!!
5876 general  open     About since I upgrade from 3.0.11 I seem to have about 50 entries in the access log with the wrong time ie from the day before.
5888 general  open     TransferLog with pipe hangs server on SIGHUP restart
5901 general  open     RLimitNPROC does not seem to work.
5906 general  open     Apache listener hangs/exists with child processes still active
5907 general  open     Apache gracefully shuts down using specific mods.
5908 general  open     IE 5 hangs on a request or returns with an error -- caused by a incomplete request header
5910 general  open     MODULE_MAGIC_AT_LEAST has incorrect logic
5927 general  open     MMAP_LIMIT from PR#4122 is ill-conceived
5937 general  open     Bug report has disappeared
5957 general  open     Failure in ODBC Connection
5960 general  open     pcfg_openfile error
5984 general  open     http uploads cannot exceed 25mb
5986 general  open     Large POST request often get to the CGI script wery slowly
5987 general  open     Hundreds of sockets in CLOSE_WAIT state
5995 general  open     Apache won't start at all (Similar to bugreport 1522)
6005 general  open     httpd server could not be started , configtest seems to be ok
6012 general  open     Server runs out of filehandles (after many soft restarts?)
6024 general  open     Apache don't pass ANY env's to cgi
6028 general  open     VirtualHosts ignore custom DocumentRoot
6048 general  open     URL is improperly unescaped when NOT a proxy request
6049 general  open     ap_unescape_url does not properly unescape '+' to space
6054 general  open     make -j 4 install failed at install
6060 general  open     mod_vhost_alias will not compile as a DSO
6090 general  open     AddDefaultCharset seems not to work.
6091 general  open     SetHandler does not work applied to complete (virtual) server
6105 general  open     Software Inspection of Apache
6106 general  open     web site: .asc signature files cannot be downloaded
6109 general  open     Apache dies, too many open files in error log
6118 general  open     With SSIs enabled we can get non existing URLs serving files.
6126 general  open     The template for generating directory listing includes a DOCTYPE
6128 general  open     AB gives fake failed connections
6134 general  open     seg.fault if there a 'LoadModule php4_module libexec/' directive in httpd.conf
6142 general  open     Problems to build mod_ssl as shared library on hp-ux 10 and 11
6146 general  open     adding a chroot() call like in bind-8.2.2
6149 general  open     ap_MD5 calls return a null for some combinations of username/password
6163 general  open     my netscape4.7 have <base href=""> in the first line in source file
6171 general  open     The distributed sample index.html.po.iso-pl has various typos/errors.
6172 general  open     problems installing apache and mod_dav
6173 general  open     frames not working in proxy setup
6180 general  open     ErrorDocument 404 /404.cgi not working with MSIE 5.0
6184 general  open     Hanlding the browsers "stop" button in a KSH script in cgi-bin
6199 general  open     timeouts for SIGHUP too short for busy machines
6201 general  open     Long filenames with more than one period cause segfault
6202 general  open     mod_roaming + Mac Communicator = CRASH
6207 general  open     500 Internal Server Error
6208 general  open     Kernel panic... apache or  kernel problem ?
6225 general  open     apache doesn't start, gets sigsegv during startup with shared modules
6226 general  open     closing STDOUT doesn't end session to allow background processing of code
6227 general  open     problem with mpeg-3 files
6233 general  open     access_log has for almost all IP's, for the rest
6241 general  open     make install runs chmod on existing files in htdocs (similar to bug 5764)
6247 general  open     escape character 3 (%3) returns 400 error.  Similiar to PR 5998,
6248 general  open     error message when attempting to start httpd: cannot load /usr/modules/ into server: /usr/modules/ cannot open shared object file no such file or directory
6254 general  open     Reason for failed fopen not checked in default_handler
6255 general  open     autoindex not working
6269 general  open     Apache aborts on startup
6278 general  open     When I start or Stop apache, I receive "Parameter value not in allowed range", then a line break, then whatever normal message it would have given.
6291 general  open     New log files occasionally aren't created with kill -HUP
6295 general  open     ServerTokens not working
6301 general  open     child pid 354 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
6315 general  open     apache_1.3.12 and getline() interprets a single "\n" as element separator
6328 general  open     Trying to install and it wrongfully detects free space...
6334 general  open     apachectl not clearing envars
6335 general  open     mod_proxy always completes downloads/requests also client has canceled
6336 general  open     Apache child crash processing custom error responses when mod_proxy (in ¡§ProxyPass¡¨ mode) is being used.
6348 general  open     customised 302 errordocuments miss the location header
6351 general  open     Apache won't finish client connections
6360 general  open     Scoreboard on /server-status doesn't show all stati
6361 general  open     Error while running APACHE$CONFIG.COM
6362 general  open     apachectl soemtimes fails to re-start apache after power failure if another process has stolen the pid in the file.
6375 general  open     Some characters are getting mangled when putting them in the environment
6380 general  open     NT or 2000 IE5.5 hangs JServ
6385 general  open     Memory leak during restart
6391 general  open     Unstable ErrorDocument responce to LimitRequestBody error.
6394 general  open     Apache is unable to generate access log, saying no space in device. But we have 2GB of space left
6395 general  open     problems post request  data size
6397 general  open     Use of directories (eg conf.d) for configuration of apache
6399 general  open     alternate icon set out of sync with standard icons; replacements available
6400 general  open     significant delays before http requests are served
6410 general  open     kill -HUP and kill -USR1 don't restart; they kill.
6411 general  open     TCP Error: XP_GetBuiltinString:7105 not fould
6426 general  open     "httpd -V" command causes already running httpd process to hang
6427 general  open     POST no-content length problem back - apache 1.3.12
6430 general  open     Java 1.3.0 UrlConnection does not handle HTTP/1.1 content-encoding.
6435 general  open     Regular expression engine needs exception matching
6441 general  open     as per PR#2612 - Apachectl may not start httpd after reboot - Solution
6456 general  open     force-response and downgrade options only work for successfully-served static documents
6464 general  open     Server will segfault if gethostbyname fails
6469 general  open     If extension is not supplied, Apache server returns file with *any* extension
6472 general  open     CGIs don't get terminated if browser aborts connection
6476 general  open     apachectl restart hangs when using cronolog
6482 general  open     Problem uploading word document
6523 general  open     Truncated response from server
6531 general  open     2.0a6 doesn't disable Nagle algorithm
6546 general  open     short pages (<4K) output from module::post_read_request  are truncated to zero length
6561 general  open     Apache won't start because path to httpd.conf is munged by Apache itself
6571 general  open     error compiling (variable WorkerPool not found)
6589 general  open     File on web page is only 66k in size instead of 753K
6605 general  open     SIGUSR1 isn't cared in spawning the other programs.
6606 general  open     Linux: After recompiling a dso module, apache will abort (sigsev) when being restarted
6609 general  open     caching Problem
6616 general  open     Include X-Forwarded-For information in short_score structure
6618 general  open     apxs runtime error: breaks compilation line into 2 parts and aborts when trying to execute the end (second) part ot the compilation line
6622 general  open     Posts from shockwave movies to perl (.pl) scripts on the server from Mac IE 5.0 generate POST^M/cgi-bin/ Invalid URI in Request
6627 general  open     Apache dies with socket still listening on port 80/443 - so can't restart
6632 general  open     [mod_proxy]recv_buffer_size is difined as a size_t but used as an int
6633 general  open doesn't return mor than 20 entries
6635 general  open     http_vhost.c - fix_hostname() rejects 8-bit/multilingual characters in domain names
6636 general  open     apachectl script does not ensure that PID is actually an invocation of httpd
  76 general  suspende missing call to "setlocale();"
 793 general  suspende RLimitCPU and RLimitMEM don't apply to all children like they should
1191 general  suspende setlogin() is not called, causing problems with e.g. identd
1204 general  suspende regerror() exists, use it
2284 general  suspende Can not POST to ErrorDocument - Apache/1.3b6
2396 general  suspende Proposal for TimeZone directive
2431 general  suspende A small addition to rotatelogs.c to improve program functionality.
2648 general  suspende Cache file names in Proxy module
2763 general  suspende mailto tags and bundling bug report script
2889 general  suspende Inclusion of RPM spec file in CVS/distributions
2906 general  suspende Propose that Apache recommend $UNIQUE_ID for all "session id" algorithms
3018 general  suspende cannot limit some HTTP methods
3677 general  suspende New ErrorDocumentMatch directive
4816 general  suspende SSI in CGI
5993 general  suspende AllowOverride should have a 'CheckNone' and 'AllowNone' argument instead of only 'None'
5551 jakarta- open     Fix Solaris PKG and Linux RPMs
5634 jakarta- open     watchdog hangs on a multi-processor linux system
5753 jakarta- open     IllegalAccessException when trying to access listing for NUmber Guess JSP page
5942 jakarta- open     cannot load module
6465 jakarta- open     I am facing a problem with the generation of the module which is required while installation of Tomcat on Apache Web Server .
6566 jakarta- open     Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/tomcat/startup/Tomcat
3019 mod_acce feedback Re: unable to overide allow/deny
3454 mod_acce feedback AllowOverride Limit ignored for regex <Directory ~> in access.conf
3813 mod_acce feedback Apache doesn't handle log correctly
3429 mod_acce open     minor access problem by ip address with apache 1.3.3 compiled LP64 under Solaris 7
4385 mod_acce open     Apache doesn't notify clients when serving restricted content
4454 mod_acce open     ip groupings
4606 mod_acce open     behaviour/style of .htaccess files has changed with "require user xxx"
4840 mod_acce open     Unauthorized users can access protected areas
5076 mod_acce open     mod_access won't work on all virtual hosts
5257 mod_acce open     Problem with access restriction on a cgi directory for two different way of user categories
5433 mod_acce open     deny won't work (maybe it's should be)
5690 mod_acce open     Access control based on an IP range
5698 mod_acce open     htaccess is not parsed
6265 mod_acce open     "allow from hostname" fails with "HostNameLookups off"
6513 mod_acce open     401 sent without WWW-Authenticate header
 537 mod_acce suspende mod_access syntax allows hosts that should be restricted
1287 mod_acce suspende add allow,deny/deny,allow warning to mod_access
2512 mod_acce suspende <IfDenied> directive wanted
2686 mod_acti open     AddHandler overrides Action
4553 mod_acti open     Script PUT /cgi-bin/mycgi.cgi  does not work
5700 mod_acti open     Apache passes non-existent files to a script
5800 mod_acti open     PATH_INFO/PATH_TRANSLATED are incorrect when used with Action/AddHandler
5884 mod_acti open     Error document redirection for "actions" like PHP or similar languages
6543 mod_acti open     file type with action or handler set are not handled for 404 error (not found)
3333 mod_alia open     RedirectMatch and Redirect rewrite URLs differently
4379 mod_alia open     RedirectMatch cannot redirect to cgi script and pass parameters
4388 mod_alia open     RedirectMatch quotes "#"
5313 mod_alia open     ScriptAlias malfunction
5612 mod_alia open     Alias directive does not work within VirtualHost stanzas
5847 mod_alia open     Redirect 410 (Gone)causes segfault when custom error document contains SSI include statement
5948 mod_alia open     redirection problems
2148 mod_auth analyzed Inconsistent use of , or space in require group
3389 mod_auth feedback using htpasswd created file unable to authenticate httpd returns password mismatch
4079 mod_auth feedback .htaccess file being ignored
5090 mod_auth feedback Incorrect headers returned when trying to access protected directory
5552 mod_auth feedback Authentication has to happen twice
2459 mod_auth open     Getting this message: [Wed Jun 17 11:37:04 1998] [notice] httpd: child pid 332 exit signal Segmentation Fault (11) when trying to access a DBM file
2598 mod_auth open     mod_auth_dbm requires mod_auth -- not documented?
2659 mod_auth open to resolve symbol / Invalid command
2809 mod_auth open     AuthDBMUserFile - Apache complains 'File not found'
2924 mod_auth open     segfault due to collaboration of mod_autoindex, mod_auth, mod_perl, and AuthenDBI
3182 mod_auth open     Authorization skipped in ScriptAlias-ed directory
3504 mod_auth open     dbmmanage import
3507 mod_auth open     Auth DBM not working in 1.3.3
3559 mod_auth open     .htaccess files ignored, misread
4164 mod_auth open     ErrorDocument (401) directive in .htaccess file oddities
4444 mod_auth open     Apache loops under certain circumstances when accessing password-protected dirs
4706 mod_auth open     Compilation falur with mod_auth_dbm
4786 mod_auth open     can't authenticate users from gdbm files
4827 mod_auth open     A small memory leak in mod_auth_db.
4858 mod_auth open     group definitions larger than 8192 bytes get chopped
5081 mod_auth open     Regarding problems with DBM authentication.
5475 mod_auth open     SASL support wanted in Apache
5621 mod_auth open     apache dumps core with malconfigured authentication
5636 mod_auth open     Can the apache group include a mod_auth_gdbm in future releases?
5637 mod_auth open     Can the apache group include a mod_auth_gdbm in future releases?
5772 mod_auth open     AuthYPDomain, AuthYPUserTable, AuthYPGroupTable are broken
5951 mod_auth open     Header/Library Mismatch in mod_auth_dbm
6075 mod_auth open     Give more accurate error message when dbm files cannot be opened.
6165 mod_auth open     Authentication not working after upgrade from 1.3.9 to 1.3.12
6292 mod_auth open     Problem in authentification module chain
6407 mod_auth open     User Authentication for Servlets
6414 mod_auth open     check_user_access() does not check to see if this module is being used
 557 mod_auth suspende ~UserHome directories are not honored in absolute pathname requests (.htaccess)
1117 mod_auth suspende Using NIS passwd.byname dbm files with AuthDBMUserFile
1809 mod_auth suspende Suggestion for improving authentication modules and core source code, problem with 401 and ErrorDocument
4991 mod_auto analyzed HEADER and README files are not displaying with index listings, even though correct permissions on files and dirs is evident, and httpd.conf is configured to allow their loading.
3241 mod_auto feedback "FancyIndexing on" contra "Allow-override Indexes"
4098 mod_auto feedback Namewidth and Fancyindexing
4356 mod_auto feedback incorrect messages in error_log relative to .htaccess control.
4961 mod_auto feedback Header and readme files are not being added to directory indexes.
1829 mod_auto open     <Location> and regexes have changed the meaning of cmd_parms.path
2177 mod_auto open     mod_autoindex (mod_dir) invokes other modules with timeouts in scope
3529 mod_auto open     HeaderName and ReadmeName directives don't work intuitively
3603 mod_auto open     FancyIndexing does not show different icon for Parent directories
3721 mod_auto open     mod_autoindex applies file icons to directories
4586 mod_auto open     IndexIgnore matches insufficiently documented
5009 mod_auto open     Can't get HeaderName to work in <Location> Segment of httpd.conf
5087 mod_auto open     HeaderName & ReadmeName require filename extension, even if file does not have an extension
5691 mod_auto open     Patch : Last-modified field set when using AutoIndexing
5952 mod_auto open     It would be great to have an IndexUnignoreAll directive.
5959 mod_auto open     HeaderName behaves different from documentation
6153 mod_auto open     mod_autoindex ignores setting of Options FollowSymLinks/SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
6190 mod_auto open     autoindex fails to include HEADER & README files and ignores ScanHTMLTitles & SuppressHTMLPreamble
6353 mod_auto open     problem with directive "indexignore"
6453 mod_auto open     See bug report #4991 - ReadmeName not being applied
1574 mod_auto suspende ReadmeName and HeaderName don't allow for server-parsed html.
1855 mod_auto suspende More Control over autoindex layout
3026 mod_auto suspende No way to change ReadmeName/HeaderName suffixes.
3654 mod_auto suspende BORDER=0 makes Icons look nicer (FancyIndexing)
4520 mod_auto suspende mod_autoindex does not generate Last-Modified response headers
5049 mod_brow open     html redirect created via a cgi script works in netscape but not in IE
3366 mod_cern feedback I am getting this - (11)Resource temporarily unavailable: couldn't spawn child process - on very busy servers
6065 mod_cern open     httpd.conf file needs <ifmodule
 543 mod_cgi  analyzed "%2F" not allowed in VGI script PATH_INFO
 607 mod_cgi  analyzed ScriptLog and stderr don't work well together
3784 mod_cgi  analyzed CGI scripts not executed if gid not equal to server's gid
6161 mod_cgi  analyzed Ouputs to stderr from a cgi-program was not written in error.log.
3918 mod_cgi  feedback CGIs that require ANY sort of processing time fail.  No errors are logged.
3950 mod_cgi  feedback CGI programs run don't run with the server's gid
4575 mod_cgi  feedback apache says 'access denied. you do not have permession to access ~user/cgi-bin scripts'
4585 mod_cgi  feedback cgi program cannot send a linefeed without windows making it into a CR/LF sequence.
5828 mod_cgi  feedback CGI does not support PATH_INFO and QUERY_STRING simultaneously
6170 mod_cgi  feedback POST request loses data
2694 mod_cgi  open     cgi parameters do not work
2894 mod_cgi  open     cgi triggers premature EOF to be sent to client
3002 mod_cgi  open     When using apache as a proxy, Proxy-authorization not passed to local CGI
3079 mod_cgi  open     Sending a SIGUSR1 to daemon propogates to CGI children
3081 mod_cgi  open     if a cgi cannot be executed, it reports "Premature end of script headers".
3414 mod_cgi  open     Impossible to spawn a child process in the background from a CGI
3540 mod_cgi  open     trunkated and modified octet stream data (sent with PUT methode).
3564 mod_cgi  open     Apache truncate binary files uploaded with a a form including a TYPE=FILE tag
3922 mod_cgi  open     suexec dosn't log anything but doesn't work -- apache logs errno=13 (Permission denied)
4498 mod_cgi  open     Binary CGIs (paths) fails to execute from path with spaces (LFN)
4715 mod_cgi  open     Only seldom does apache spawn child process for perl script.
4767 mod_cgi  open     HEAD request to nph-cgi's return script's entire output
5033 mod_cgi  open     if a CGI has an ACL giving Apache execute access, Apache might fail to run it
5088 mod_cgi  open     Cannot execute CGI with compil option HIGH_SLACK_LINE=256
5227 mod_cgi  open     mod_php with Solid RDBMS support causes conflicts with mod_cgi -> apache will not start
5311 mod_cgi  open     CGI Perl files bug
5413 mod_cgi  open     Environment variable names converted to underscores (_) passed to CGI scripts
5640 mod_cgi  open     server may disagree with CGI on Status, but still pass the Status sent by CGI
5758 mod_cgi  open     QUERY_STRING-UNESCAPED returns many characters prefixed with a \ (backslash)
5930 mod_cgi  open     CRLF translation on stdout when executing cgi-script
6432 mod_cgi  open     HERE IS A FIX for Win32 CGI server-push
6544 mod_cgi  open     PATH_TRANSLATED expands to the first "basename-common" file found (mod_speling?)
1176 mod_cgi  suspende Apache cannot handle continuation line in headers
2460 mod_cgi  suspende TimeOut applies to output of CGI scripts
4490 mod_cgi  suspende mod_cgi prevents handling of OPTIONS requests
5879 mod_dige open     [patch] use both basic + digest authentification
4920 mod_dir  open     conditional requests (IMS, INM) for DirectoryIndex's are logged as 200 responses
 161 mod_dir  suspende Questionable performace of  mod_dir() with negotiation
1263 mod_dir  suspende Add frame-safe anchor attribute to mod_autoindex links
3841 mod_env  open     add 'SetNote' and 'PassNote' commands
4856 mod_env  open     Not all environment variables can be unset with UnsetEnv
5682 mod_env  open     REMOTE_ADDR = when compiled with gcc -- not with native cc
 370 mod_env  suspende Modified PATH environemnt variable is not passed, instead system's is used
4286 mod_expi feedback ExpiresByType using mod_expires uses AddType source for mime/types and not mime.types declarations
4377 mod_expi open     mod_expires overwrites any cache_control headers present
4922 mod_expi open     mod_cgi & mod_expires - ExpiresByType not applied to CGI programs
5728 mod_expi open     Expiring CGI forms after 'Back' button is pressed
6037 mod_expi open     Expires should check existing headers of a response
4304 mod_head open     It'd be useful to be able to alter request headers as well as response ones.
4834 mod_head open     mod_headers won't modify headers from ProxyPass requests
5059 mod_head open     Java Servlets giving output html only one refreshh/reload. Initially shows internal server error
1383 mod_head suspende I make mod_headers to modify request headers as well as response ones.
1677 mod_head suspende mod_headers should allow mod_log_config-style formats in header values
 759 mod_imap suspende imap should read <MAP><AREA>*</MAP> too!
 784 mod_incl analyzed IncludesNOEXEC prohibits execution of Action in <!--#include virtual -->
2187 mod_incl analyzed web server running 1 hour ahead of the server itself
5658 mod_incl analyzed When running a CGI using SSI , the script runs more then only.
5699 mod_incl analyzed Can't capture output of "external" programs with SSI
5757 mod_incl analyzed A server request tries to reference a NULL ptr.
6164 mod_incl analyzed "echo var"'s new default of encoding the output severly and needlessly breaks compatiblity
2944 mod_incl feedback access to requested document name
3302 mod_incl feedback <!--#include virtual="/dir/filename" --> is not working, no error
3505 mod_incl feedback "exec cgi" doesn't work
5893 mod_incl feedback mod_include doesn't work when used in mod_vhost_alias
2076 mod_incl open     mod_include timeouts are messed up
2657 mod_incl open     FollowSymLinks not allowed in DirectoryMatch directive
2814 mod_incl open     AddHandler "crash" AddType
2872 mod_incl open     (mod_include) $variable tests using regular expressions are incorrect when including more than one test situation
3006 mod_incl open     Compiler complains about end-of-loop code not reached.
3051 mod_incl open     Allow Recursion in SSI
3246 mod_incl open     A patch to allow csh-style modifiers in variable substitutions
3294 mod_incl open     behavior of <!--#exec cgi=   has changed from 1.2x to 1.3x
3420 mod_incl open     "#include virtual" stopped working, but "#exec cgi" still works
3864 mod_incl open     parentheses in regular expression of if expr -> error
4315 mod_incl open     ssi #echo does not honor SetEnv environment variables
4380 mod_incl open     EXEC leaves zombies around on BSDI
4405 mod_incl open     problem with nested 2nd SSI (buffer overflow?)
4617 mod_incl open     #exec cmd does not work, even after applying patch.
4670 mod_incl open     apache compile problem on AIX 4.3.2 (egcs-1.1.1)
4696 mod_incl open     HTML entities being mangled in <!--#set -->
4697 mod_incl open     SERVER_PROTOCOL SSI environment variable not always set to "INCLUDED"
4729 mod_incl open     SSI parsing doesn't work
4730 mod_incl open     SSI parsing doesn't work
4749 mod_incl open     Using <!--#exec cmd="command" -->  on virtual host gives cannot stat program
4965 mod_incl open     if server-parsed is enabled, the server doesn't respond.
5399 mod_incl open     at exec cmd cgi-arguments are changed (translated e.g. from &#228; to ä)
5702 mod_incl open     security hole: SSI include virtual executes CGI
5795 mod_incl open     Added the configuration directive LastModHack to mod_include
5799 mod_incl open     Server Side Includes of CGI with passed parameters fails with [an error occurred while processing this directive]
5882 mod_incl open     SSI fails with too many virtual hosts
5898 mod_incl open     regular expressions in <!--#if ... --> tokenized improperly
6086 mod_incl open     [Sun May 14 23:35:04 2000] [error] [client] premature EOF in parsed file /home/linuxorg/html/footer.html
6193 mod_incl open     Add config directives to override DEFAULT_ERROR_MSG and DEFAULT_TIME_FORMAT
6275 mod_incl open     SSI transforms "<" in a variable value to "&lt;"
6276 mod_incl open     SSI #Include directive doesn't work with virtual="/servlet/ServletName"
6279 mod_incl open     echo var shows &lt; when the variable contains a tag
6288 mod_incl open     #set and #echo don't interpolate variable names (see PR 2832)
6341 mod_incl open     Unable to compile mod_include.c - redefinition of 'struct token'
6437 mod_incl open     apache tring to issue a internet connection when include keyword
  78 mod_incl suspende Additional status for XBitHack directive
 623 mod_incl suspende A smarter "Last Modified" value for SSI documents (see PR number 600)
 697 mod_incl suspende A security tweak I've been using for a few years for SSI
1145 mod_incl suspende Allow for Last-Modified: without resorting to XBitHack
1803 mod_incl suspende patches to mod_include to allow for file tests
4459 mod_incl suspende Suggestion for better handling of Last-modified headers
 963 mod_info analyzed The data under the section 'Current Configuration' does not show up on servers whose config files reside across NFS.
4035 mod_info feedback mod_info won't work if access.conf and srm.conf are not available.
3656 mod_info open     mod_info gripes about non-existent srm.conf / access.conf
4171 mod_info open     <IfDefine> ignored by mod_info
2415 mod_info suspende /server-info doesn't check for the virtual host to list the info
2444 mod_isap feedback mod_isapi crashes when the server DLL returns HST_STATUS_ERROR
4624 mod_isap suspende mod_isapi.c: Apache frees DLLs after use; insufficient Windows error messages
4193 mod_jser analyzed multiline (backslashed) entries in fail
4362 mod_jser analyzed JServ stops processing at the parsing cookies stage
5235 mod_jser analyzed Unknow Error
2843 mod_jser feedback .gsp, .jhtml cause errors when finished
3268 mod_jser feedback when using manual starting, AJPServAction does not work
3419 mod_jser feedback Relative zone and secretkey property files are relative to Java Home directory not the Server Root Directory.
3607 mod_jser feedback problems reading POST data w/ getReader and GetInputStream
3624 mod_jser feedback Some installation problems with Apache JServ 1.0b1 on S.u.S.E. Linux 6.0
3639 mod_jser feedback "Mounting style" gives no ability to map URIs to servlets freely (only external redirection works)
3646 mod_jser feedback Aliased servlet doesn't autoreload properties
3675 mod_jser feedback Servlets that invoke native code fail
3717 mod_jser feedback DSO build of JServ failing in libtool
3736 mod_jser feedback Cannot run servlets
3797 mod_jser feedback Request servlet "log" requests be included in the JServDebug.trace() log
3822 mod_jser feedback JServ has problems handling multiple servlet init parameters
3833 mod_jser feedback Error in logfile: "Apache JServ Module was cleaned-up (ap_child)"
3834 mod_jser feedback sessions will only expire at a rate of one per X
3837 mod_jser feedback JServServletManager run() bugs
3884 mod_jser feedback JServ does not parse quiry string in POST method
3916 mod_jser feedback in jserv process: -classpath option interacts with CLASSPATH env
3955 mod_jser feedback Need to run the JServ engine as a separate thread
4238 mod_jser feedback Makefile enhancements and file permissions
4325 mod_jser feedback ApJServSecretKey with virtual hosts not working in c-code of mod_jserv
4666 mod_jser feedback Hang on startup if configured for access control on servlet area
4970 mod_jser feedback Initialization of servlet parameters.
5036 mod_jser feedback sendRedirect is slow under Netscape.
5062 mod_jser feedback installing jserv disabled apach
5092 mod_jser feedback JServServletManager defaults not conform + log bug + fixes
5097 mod_jser feedback Jserv raises IllegalAccessError trying to access a private class in a JAR file
5324 mod_jser feedback Specifying more than one mount point for a single location via ApJServMount is not handled gracefully.
5530 mod_jser feedback Problems while reading data from "multipart/form-data" HTML-forms
6542 mod_jser feedback org.apache.jserv.JServConnection.processRequest calls Servlet 2.1 method
3972 mod_jser open     Some steps left out of the jserv installation docs
3976 mod_jser open     POST of multipart/form-data not handled as described in HttpUtils.parsePostData() question of FAQ
3980 mod_jser open     ApacheJServ.jar problems, JVM crashing 5 times.  Can't get JServ to work.
3987 mod_jser open     Problem with loading a class in a jar file with a directory structure
3996 mod_jser open     Crash of JVM
4006 mod_jser open     JServ cannot write to jserv.log unless this file is manualy chmod to 0x666
4011 mod_jser open     ApJServAction is not handled correctly
4017 mod_jser open     JServConnection returns with AbstractMethodError: while Sending Response Headers.
4018 mod_jser open     cannot scan servlet headers
4020 mod_jser open     mod_jserv does not compile
4024 mod_jser open     Problem with the 'Include /usr/src/Apache-JServ/jserv.conf' line not accurate, when I add this to my httpd.conf file, I get errors.
4025 mod_jser open     Error when downloadning jar files with Communicator.
4043 mod_jser open     Can't run servlets when laptop is not connected to a network
4051 mod_jser open     Session efficiency - minor
4064 mod_jser open     Can't run servlets when laptop is not connected to a network
4072 mod_jser open     Don't succeed to launch correctly Jserv
4073 mod_jser open     Jserv vulnerable to memory based denial of service attack
4076 mod_jser open     Web site broken URL references
4083 mod_jser open     Apache works, JServ works, Servlets don't and an error is logged
4084 mod_jser open     servlet is not expiring at configured time
4088 mod_jser open     The installation scripts don't work in my environment.
4091 mod_jser open     JVM problems when starting up in automatic mode
4092 mod_jser open     session.invalidate() then req.getSession() returns invalidated session.
4100 mod_jser open     Error in classpath in
4102 mod_jser open     calling getServerContext() in init causes null pointer exception
4104 mod_jser open     Typos (& and &&) in mod_jserv.c
4105 mod_jser open     getRemoteUser() returns null - why ?
4110 mod_jser open     running configure then make "out of the box" does not work
4119 mod_jser open     The server doesn't respond to a any servlet requests.
4123 mod_jser open     If the first request is POST then getParameter doesn't work
4127 mod_jser open     environment variables not passed to Java runtime
4138 mod_jser open     How do I get jserv to print ou the classes that are being loaded?
4141 mod_jser open     Apache-JServ dies when apachectl restart used
4148 mod_jser open     log() doesn't work
4169 mod_jser open     cookie expires attribute incorrectly formatted (see 3795)
4183 mod_jser open     Problems with SessionID tracking
4207 mod_jser open     getParameterValues not working in SSI
4219 mod_jser open     JServ1.0b3 does not build: only compiles
4220 mod_jser open     JServ1.0b3 build fails if srcdir != builddir
4272 mod_jser open     ServletRequest.getRemoteUser() returns null
4340 mod_jser open     socket connection to jserv should be bound to host address
4352 mod_jser open     installation problem
4364 mod_jser open     Installation error
4450 mod_jser open     The API docs are never compiled
4460 mod_jser open     RE: 4452, JServ & JDBC drivers - is too a bug...
4462 mod_jser open     HttpServlet.doPost fails with file - apj11: cannot scan servlet headers
4486 mod_jser open     Make doesn't compile
4494 mod_jser open     Config script doesn't check for dependencies
4511 mod_jser open     Invalid sample ApJServAction for JServSSI
4512 mod_jser open     SSI servlet gets invalid URI path info
4513 mod_jser open     SSI servlet can not set headers
4546 mod_jser open     errors during compilation of JServ
4568 mod_jser open     AdaptiveClassLoader does not support JAR URL:s
4572 mod_jser open     parenthesis error in source code
4580 mod_jser open     Can not post may long form parameters with the same name.
4587 mod_jser open     I get a disconnection from the httpd when I try to GET a servlet (example: Hello)
4640 mod_jser open     Reload of servlet page with date-modified set results in date parse exception
4649 mod_jser open     It works if apache is launched as console app but not when it's runed as a service
4668 mod_jser open     Error in the configure script
4676 mod_jser open     typo in doc gives bad example command
4687 mod_jser open     Misspelled words
4737 mod_jser open     JservSSI #include virtual, relative path not set correctly
4743 mod_jser open     kill -USR1 httpd restarts JVM
4757 mod_jser open     "POST" Parameter are not decoded when running an applet within netscape
4791 mod_jser open     http status values are dropped by c side of ajp11
4817 mod_jser open     DSO build impossible
4820 mod_jser open     ApacheJServ-1.0 configure breaks when run under hp's default sh, sh-posix
4830 mod_jser open     Enhancement request: user-configurable timeout on shutdown
4841 mod_jser open     wrapper class paths crashing apache server
4852 mod_jser open     Accessing Class files in packages.
4883 mod_jser open     getServletPath is wrong when the servlet's name appears more than once on the url
4896 mod_jser open parsing problem
4900 mod_jser open     destroy() method of servlets not called on server shutdown
4908 mod_jser open     Apache is adding bytes to large servlet responses, ( > 500 bytes )
4917 mod_jser open     Server error when servlet returns prior to end of transfer of POSTed data
4989 mod_jser open     unable to make mod_jserv as dso: undefined symbols not allowed
5011 mod_jser open     bad naming of resource in
5026 mod_jser open     Using InitalContext(Properties p) on weblogic 4.03 produces EMERGENCY in log file
5027 mod_jser open     --with-jar option for Makefile is missing
5030 mod_jser open     Missing Requirements for Apache with DSO and JServ with DSO
5048 mod_jser open     Apache JSSI 1.1.2
5057 mod_jser open     output stream closed during a re-direct to a servlet
5110 mod_jser open     make install fails because file (symlink?) is non-existent
5117 mod_jser open     Servlet's destroy method does not appear to be called on server restart or stop
5120 mod_jser open     ApJServAction .jsp ApJServAction doesn't appear to work with GNUJSP
5126 mod_jser open     Missing available() method in inner class JServInputStream
5128 mod_jser open     URGENT!!! cannot load native code (JNI) from a servlet
5131 mod_jser open     Can't install configuration files
5133 mod_jser open     After a getInputStream, InputStream.available() always returns a 0
5134 mod_jser open     javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest.getRequestURI() doesn't work in Version 1.1b
5150 mod_jser open     Solution to PR 3642
5155 mod_jser open     getParameterValues() only returns one value (see 4207)
5162 mod_jser open     Servlet aliases did not work.
5163 mod_jser open     ApJServAction Statements did not work.
5206 mod_jser open     loader = null, no error log
5207 mod_jser open     Unable to get servlets to connect to JDBC driver
5233 mod_jser open     crappy log file stuff
5245 mod_jser open     Warning about this module might crash under EAPI
5248 mod_jser open     When apache generates a directory listing, it strips of the first two characters of every filename and directory name.
5279 mod_jser open     I can't insert space-only text by the xsl file
5285 mod_jser open     no EOF from getInputStream when content-length passed
5332 mod_jser open     getParameterValues() doesn't works
5342 mod_jser open     getParameter throws NullPointerException where there are no params
5351 mod_jser open     multipart/form-data missing a trailing line feed
5361 mod_jser open     ServletRequest.getParameterValues() method does not return multiple values
5364 mod_jser open     Default value for wrapper.env.copy is not useful; error logging is incomplete.
5388 mod_jser open     Can not start apache service if JVM is not on the local drive
5396 mod_jser open     Intermitent "Bad Request" when servlet is run
5420 mod_jser open     Segmentation Fault
5424 mod_jser open     Servlet zone property files cannot contain separate aliases
5430 mod_jser open     ServletRequest.getParameterValues(String) returns only one value
5453 mod_jser open     Error logging not directred to virtual host specific file
5454 mod_jser open     ServletResponse.sendError() not implemented to spec
5465 mod_jser open     JServ doesn't send full POST headers
5474 mod_jser open     Allow option to spilt mod_jsrv and ApacheJServ.jar compilation
5498 mod_jser open     Pages being returned are empty
5500 mod_jser open     over 1K post data is not being handled correctly
5504 mod_jser open     I think setting of domains in cookies should be an optional item in
5522 mod_jser open     ApJservAction is dependent on module loading order!
5523 mod_jser open     ApJservAction is dependent on module loading order!
5538 mod_jser open     log not initialized when calling fail
5569 mod_jser open     When jserv is told to bind to an IP other than localhost, mod_jserv is unable to correctly determine whether jserv is running or not.
5577 mod_jser open     compile error: const static init string too long (jserv_ajpv12.c:197)
5578 mod_jser open     compile problem; return statement with an expression at end of void function
5579 mod_jser open     build error: no makefile for mod_jserv in apache src tree
5591 mod_jser open     jserv-status has broken header grahic
5602 mod_jser open     AdaptiveClassLoader will not load resource from zipfile
5610 mod_jser open     Incorrect translation of URL information
5611 mod_jser open     servlet zone not found problem
5624 mod_jser open     Apache JServ / Servlet - Cannot Load Oracle OCI JDBC Server
5644 mod_jser open     mod_jserv and Jserv.class are not able to communicate
5645 mod_jser open     POST does not work with latest Apache+JServ+Tomcat
5647 mod_jser open     Failed to compile Apache 1.3.9 with JServ 1.1
5666 mod_jser open     Can't use Runtime.exec() on NT
5705 mod_jser open     Can't run Tomcat with Apache
5725 mod_jser open     request.getRemoteHost() doesn't work with Apache JServ 1.1
5726 mod_jser open     Can't get parameters from GET request
5737 mod_jser open     cant get sessions - each getSession() creates a new one
5738 mod_jser open     JServ doesn't get a shutdown signal
5739 mod_jser open     JVM never closes down cleanly
5740 mod_jser open     Jserv1.1 and Apache 1.3.11 - see Full Description
5744 mod_jser open     I am using win95, installed APache 1.3 working fine. but Apache Jserv does not work.
5755 mod_jser open     mod_jserv and httpd -HUP restarting problem
5785 mod_jser open     mod_jserv creates 80 TIME_WAIT sockets -- why ? Is this a bug ?
5798 mod_jser open     need to restart Apache after any recompile
5813 mod_jser open     JServ fails to start every other time
5831 mod_jser open     Having '%2' instead of '%23' in URL query string throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
5836 mod_jser open     JServConnection is an abstract class...
5848 mod_jser open     httpd dumps core when loading module
5852 mod_jser open     truncated binary files uploaded with a multipart/form-data encoded form
5878 mod_jser open     cannot compile apache server
5889 mod_jser open     Jar file created with leading ./ due to unwarranted assumption about jar tool behavior.
5923 mod_jser open     very small max connection
5943 mod_jser open     soon after the server starts i get error messege logged into my error_log "Exception creatiing the server socket: Addre already in use"
5956 mod_jser open     Java VM not respond and
5966 mod_jser open     Stopping Apache service does not stop Apache JServ properly.
5968 mod_jser open     Graceful restart causes multiple handles to ApJServLogFile
6013 mod_jser open     EJB-Container for apache?
6014 mod_jser open     Failed to Create socket  Socket Exception on Log files.
6044 mod_jser open     Connection problem to Oracle database using Apache webserver and JServ
6046 mod_jser open     Apache cannot load mod_jserv (reason unknown)
6047 mod_jser open     Apache cannot load mod_jserv (reason unknown)
6066 mod_jser open     error ajpv12 cannot scan servlet headers
6074 mod_jser open     JServ RPM packaging not complete
6087 mod_jser open     Apache JServ uses encoding "ISO8859_1" which is (was) not recognized by e. g. kaffe
6094 mod_jser open     JServ process periodically does not die, holding resources
6099 mod_jser open     Session serialization fails!
6108 mod_jser open     JservSessionId ist not found in Query -> Loadbalancing fails when cookies are not used
6110 mod_jser open     ORA-12154 raised when trying to connect to Oracle RDBMS, no network connection made
6112 mod_jser open     session values are somehow reused without consistence checking in Apache/Jserv.
6131 mod_jser open     make: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 318: Unexpected end of line seen
6136 mod_jser open     System Date does not work correctly on servlets
6137 mod_jser open     CANNOT USE ENCODEURL METHOD !
6148 mod_jser open     Apache throws "404 Not Found" if the classpath does not contain required classes
6249 mod_jser open     Jserv & PHP modules together will not spawn the java process
6252 mod_jser open     AbstractMethodError
6256 mod_jser open     The JServ Windows install does not contain source file.
6298 mod_jser open     The apache servlets will not restart due to "can not open/create semaphore error"
6313 mod_jser open     JVM is killed an not restarted when Apache child process is restarted
6324 mod_jser open     multiple instances of jserv cannot run at same time
6329 mod_jser open     Read a file but JVM throws a SocketException
6337 mod_jser open     Post data truncated when sent over network
6344 mod_jser open     ajp12: can not connect to host
6392 mod_jser open     getScheme() does not necessarily return the correct scheme
6406 mod_jser open     Fault tolerance when initializing servlet zones in the servlet engine
6423 mod_jser open     apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=16711680
6440 mod_jser open     The JservContext class don't implement the attributes methods
6454 mod_jser open     unexpected jserv stop
6458 mod_jser open     Time stamps of mod_jserv.log and jserv.log don't match.
6479 mod_jser open     ServletException not logged when thrown from within init()
6480 mod_jser open     Incomplete Documentation
6486 mod_jser open     mod_jserv returns no data intermittently on SCO OpenServer
6496 mod_jser open     Sementation fault in error_log when accessing servlets and the jserv status page
6499 mod_jser open     java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver javaManager] Function sequence error
6528 mod_jser open     JServ's configure script doesn't grab -DEAPI from apxs's CFLAGS.
6562 mod_jser open     The sources will not compile due to methods not being implemented.
6590 mod_jser open     java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no db2jdbc in java.library.path
6596 mod_jser open     ApacheJServ/1.0: Exception creating the server socket: Address already in use ApacheJServ/1.0
6612 mod_jser open     ajpv12_function() should use send() for windows rather than write()
3417 mod_jser suspende JServContext method getRealPath is useless and not consistent with JServConnection
3650 mod_jser suspende no follow up, i'm going to mark this suspended
4877 mod_jser suspende retrieve initArgs problem using the fully-qualified class name
1598 mod_log- analyzed <cr> or maybe <lf> in url causes line break in log file
1811 mod_log- analyzed Referer Log, logs to much...
3555 mod_log- feedback Logging To A File Freezes Apache
4129 mod_log- feedback Instructions for simulating RefererIgnore incorrect
4570 mod_log- feedback Even with HostNameLookups off, still get domain names in logs
2072 mod_log- open     Wrong value reported for %T in custom log for 408 timeouts.
2545 mod_log- open     With DirectoryIndex, bytes sent in log is "-" in (too) many occasions
2838 mod_log- open     Enhancement to mod_log_config
3205 mod_log- open     request for conditional in mod_log_config
3317 mod_log- open     add metachar '%X' to mod_log_config.c to display UNIX long time
3397 mod_log- open     potential DOS, and an irritating, difficult to track error
3839 mod_log- open     documentation implies environment variables should be in upper case in logformat directive
4429 mod_log- open     Muliple CustomLog to Pipes is dying randomly
4675 mod_log- open     Cant get any environment variables
4868 mod_log- open     Patch for using syslog with CustomLog
5109 mod_log- open     %A not recognized for Custom log format
5244 mod_log- open     access_log date format is in GMT
5258 mod_log- open     httpd quietly crashes if access_log is a bad symbolic link
5302 mod_log- open     [PATCH] mod_log_config gmtime log hooks
5506 mod_log- open     Every single entry in access_log is in triplicate.
5510 mod_log- open     The Custom Log format directive %...{FOOBAR}e is acting different than requested
5575 mod_log- open     Same as PR#2580, graceful restart causes "lost child" error when using piped logger
5679 mod_log- open     a curious output found in the access_log
5696 mod_log- open     printing literal percent (%) in the log files
5874 mod_log- open     n logs
6277 mod_log- open     URL-escaping in logfile
6418 mod_log- open     Logging of any cookie in mod_log_config
6519 mod_log- open     2.0a6 mod_log_config doesn't compile with BUFFERED_LOGS
6550 mod_log- open     2.0a6 doesn't flush buffered access logs
  73 mod_log- suspende reporting of referer in error_log
 573 mod_log- suspende More LogFormat directives
1050 mod_log- suspende Logging of virtual server to error_log as well
1358 mod_log- suspende Selective url-encode of log fields (or maybe a pseudo log_rewrite module?)
2073 mod_log- suspende pipelined connections are not logged correctly
2772 mod_log- suspende more % escapes
4448 mod_log- suspende Please allow CGI env variables (QUERY_STRING, ...) to be logged with %{}e
1799 mod_mime analyzed mod_mime's mapping to handler and content_type gets confused by some filenames
4389 mod_mime open     MIME type for files ending with .xls aren't set anymore
4618 mod_mime open     Only one handler running
4740 mod_mime open     request to document "SetHandler none"
4846 mod_mime open     Addition of MIME type
5625 mod_mime open     Change of AddLanguage behaviour
5850 mod_mime open     Magic file has no entry for image/png files
6347 mod_mime suspende MIME types for MNG and JNG files need adding to mime.types and the mime.types and magic files
4472 mod_nego feedback MultiViews may send sub-optimal file (matching problem)
4949 mod_nego feedback Content negotiation failed with filenames containing uppercase characters.
4022 mod_nego open     "Accept-Language: *" does not use LanguagePriority
4465 mod_nego open     the query string given to a type map file is not passed to SSI-document
4489 mod_nego open     AddHandler type-map var does not work in <Virtual Server>
4851 mod_nego open     MultiViews pages cannot be cached when used without file extension
5042 mod_nego open     Negotiation not work for JSP (GNUJSP) in Apache JServ environment
5184 mod_nego open     Environment Variables are not correctly set if using content negotiation
5334 mod_nego open     Environment variable containing MULTIVIEWS data...
5462 mod_nego open     Accept-Header has no effect on returned content-type if qs parameter misses in type-map
5496 mod_nego open     default language extension
5622 mod_nego open     MultiViews on, /partial should return /partial.* in preference to /partial/
6282 mod_nego open     Content negotiation being pedantic
6367 mod_nego open     Wrong Vary: Header sent for 404 Response Messages
3191 mod_nego suspende no way to set global quality-of-source (qs) coneg values with multiviews
3430 mod_nego suspende Enhancement: MultiViews, Multi-Language Documents
4457 mod_perl feedback building mod_perl as DSO causes a segfault when running "apachectl start"
4488 mod_perl feedback mod_perl breaks mod_proxy on self access
4631 mod_perl feedback fatal errors during 'make'
4636 mod_perl feedback mod_perl destroys PATH variable for subsequent CGI accesses
5221 mod_perl feedback server doesn't start up, problem seems related to PerlRequire
6215 mod_perl feedback perlAccessHandler locks all other requests
4502 mod_perl open     error during compilation
4780 mod_perl open     The procedure entry point_ap_table_add@12 could not be located in the dinamic link library ApacheCore.dll
4832 mod_perl open     I am trying to get apache_1.3.6+ssl_1.36 working with mod_perl-1.21.
4899 mod_perl open     mod_perl causes status 204 codes to log as code 200
5473 mod_perl open     HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Sever Error Date wed 15 Dec 1999 07:17:48 GMT Server:Apache/1.3.9(Unix)(Red Hat/Linux) mod_perl/1.21 Connection Close Content-Type: text/html
5537 mod_perl open     "document contain no data" when indexing (Fancy only) with require user
5988 mod_perl open     Apache will not start.
6271 mod_perl open     %Location sometimes interpreted as %LocationMatch inside <perl></perl>,
6352 mod_perl open     segmentation fault in ap_remove_module ()
6389 mod_perl open     httpd.conf directive PerlHandler Apache::Hello->handler errors
2106 mod_prox analyzed Netscape Navi 3.03 can not connect to Apache WWWServer  if proxy module is loaded - Communicator can
2186 mod_prox analyzed Garbage Colection Faults
3776 mod_prox analyzed Proxy Authentication appears to be broken
3859 mod_prox analyzed cache problems
3217 mod_prox feedback proxy_util.c's ap_proxy_doconnect logs error 22 EINVAL "invalid argument" when target is a round-robin dns host
3407 mod_prox feedback Connection to some MS web sites hang forever after about 2L
4087 mod_prox feedback Fix for ftp proxy with spaces in filenames
5998 mod_prox feedback Escape character 25 in requested URLs causes 'Bad Request' error with ProxyPass
2506 mod_prox open     I added an excluding function in ProxyBlock directive
2691 mod_prox open     FTP does not issue a PORT command, bad FTP servers may need this
2739 mod_prox open     Forward the client IP address to back-end server when proxying request
2746 mod_prox open     Reopen of PR 822 -- proxy listing cache-related error messages
2770 mod_prox open     FTP proxy over firewall fails
2978 mod_prox open     ProxyPass w/ Authentcation gives 407 not 401.
2983 mod_prox open     Cache overzealous in deleting files
2987 mod_prox open     proxy agent does not pass '?' in password field
3009 mod_prox open     RemoteProxy CAN'T request an authorization
3027 mod_prox open     ProxyPass whith authentication, use PROXY-Authenticate header, and not WWW-Authenticate
3161 mod_prox open     detached proxy cache garbage collection broken
3179 mod_prox open     proxy logging support
3186 mod_prox open     FTP proxy
3202 mod_prox open     High system utilization with v1.3.3
3208 mod_prox open     proxy interprets username as hostname
3233 mod_prox open     Cache garbage collection fails when using cache larger then 2GB
3248 mod_prox open     Can't logon to a Microsoft Proxy 2.0 via proxy-authentication with ProxyRemote
3327 mod_prox open     alarm() problems in mod_proxy (see pr#374)
3354 mod_prox open     Escaped characters in URL break ProxyPass
3365 mod_prox open     Proxy: error writing to cache file
3375 mod_prox open     proxy ftp fails if parent directory is not readable
3440 mod_prox open     Frontpage fails to connect to Apache/Frontpage server via Apache/proxy
3451 mod_prox open     FTP does not issue a PORT command, bad FTP servers may need this
3468 mod_prox open     Multiple interfaces - incorrect source address for proxy sockets
3516 mod_prox open     [PATCH] apache1.3.3 - Proxy_Substitute
3517 mod_prox open     PATCH: new function Proxy_Substitute: Substitute a requested URL with another URL
3558 mod_prox open     error linking cache file /here/proxy/tmpaxxxxx to /here/proxy/0/_/xxxxxxxx
3620 mod_prox open     Apache exit after an emergency message
3658 mod_prox open     FTP proxy may misdisplay directory with filenames containing embedded spaces.
3730 mod_prox open     Proxy_mod crashes apache
3778 mod_prox open     Problems with ftp proxy.
3824 mod_prox open     ErrorDocument do not override Status line set by mod_proxy
4028 mod_prox open     Getting ap_bgets() - proxy receive - Error reading from remote server <server>
4089 mod_prox open     proxy_cache.c ignores Expires: header if no Last-Modified: header
4166 mod_prox open     Streaming audio throug proxy module
4167 mod_prox open     compile warning in proyy_http.c and proxyftp.c => proxy don't work
4211 mod_prox open     Error 10060 which can't be proceed
4233 mod_prox open     Reverse proxy of SSL requests fails with " @" 403
4262 mod_prox open     mod_rewrite/mod_proxy interaction problems
4293 mod_prox open     No way to override proxyblock directive.  Adds new ProxyOverrideBlock dir.
4302 mod_prox open     It would be useful for response headers added by other modules to be added to the server's response.
4307 mod_prox open     Proxy requests loging
4316 mod_prox open     proposed fix for excessive forking in proxy_cache.c for garbage collection (see #3161 and #3202)
4327 mod_prox open     add a reverse feature ot ProxyBlock
4401 mod_prox open     Multiple Proxy Cache Garbage Collections in Operation
4411 mod_prox open     BAD GATEWAY from Apache ftp proxy
4415 mod_prox open     Cache entries are unnecessarily deleted as a result of pragma: no-proxy
4427 mod_prox open     Apache reverse proxy and CGI's
4458 mod_prox open     ap_proxyerror doesn't show the message parameter(proxy_util.c)
4537 mod_prox open     "Stuck" httpd children - graceful restart ineffective
4539 mod_prox open     Reverse proxy & Apache authentication returns incorrect MIME header
4547 mod_prox open     Proxy has very low response on Solaris 2.5.1
4563 mod_prox open     [PATCH] add squid-like redirector process capability to apache proxy server
4566 mod_prox open     Proxy does not work with streaming servers
4674 mod_prox open     proxy adds an additionnal header when status line contains 2 SP caracters
4693 mod_prox open     Using <Directory proxy:*></Directory> fails when trying to do user authorisation
4708 mod_prox open     ProxyPass in default VirtualHost overrides top-level ProxyPass
4723 mod_prox open     ProxyPass overrides per-directory .htaccess "deny from"
4733 mod_prox open     Trouble with continously writing CGIs (webchat)
4741 mod_prox open     Transparent ProxyPass configuration
4782 mod_prox open     FTP proxying for .gz files get translated as text/plain
4793 mod_prox open     mod_proxy incorrectly caches responses which contain a set-cookie
4803 mod_prox open     mod_proxy configured as reverse proxy fails to submit the query part (if given) with the URL when accessing https servers (affects CGIs using GET method)
4811 mod_prox open     FTP Proxy Fails to retrieve files if hidden directory is in its path
4854 mod_prox open     ProxyPassReverse does not change all headers (such as Content-Location) pointing back to original http-server
4990 mod_prox open     attempting to pass ssl through a non-standard port (9001)
5005 mod_prox open     mod_proxy ignores headers_out set by other modules
5096 mod_prox open     transparent proxy
5124 mod_prox open     Cookies aren't being passed during a ProxyPass
5237 mod_prox open     Like PR #659, logging of response headers using mod_log_config from requests handled by mod_proxy isn't possible.
5290 mod_prox open     Cannot access local webpages when proxy configuration is active
5315 mod_prox open     ProxyRequests Off (no forbidden-message)
5331 mod_prox open     Fix for ftp directory listing problems involving spaces.
5333 mod_prox open     ProxyVia full does not include module names in Via: header comment
5337 mod_prox open     ProxyRemote isn't exclusive
5352 mod_prox open     No way to Limit ProxyRemote to specific methods
5354 mod_prox open     Proxy-Authenticate Issue
5391 mod_prox open     hanging connection causes large traffic
5562 mod_prox open     Ftp dataconnections does not close correctly with wu-ftp 2.6.0(1)
5604 mod_prox open     binary files downloaded via http have Carriage Return inserted by the apache server
5646 mod_prox open     read doesn't stop prematurely if caching is off
5668 mod_prox open     Patch for streaming servers and long running cgi-scripts
5686 mod_prox open     mod_proxy functionality extensions when acting as a backend httpd (i.e. mod_perl) accelerator
5765 mod_prox open     When ProxyPass and proxy authentication, it asks for a password.
5791 mod_prox open     User authentification for proxy access doesn't work
5796 mod_prox open     ProxyPass
5809 mod_prox open     ProxyPass needs proxy passwords when authentication is enabled.
5834 mod_prox open     http cacheing appears seriously broken: I suspect line c->hdrs = resp_hdrs;
5881 mod_prox open     Occaisionally, the document header text is displayed in the browser window
5891 mod_prox open     Proxy'd server generated pages contain incorrect hostname in signature
5897 mod_prox open     Using mod proxy and <LocationMatch> is broken
5911 mod_prox open     when config as proxy, it can not send proxy-authorizion to upper proxy
5912 mod_prox open     patch to force caching of document from a selected host/domain
5928 mod_prox open     FTP Proxy Misdisplays file name/links when .. entry size causes line to reformat
5963 mod_prox open     proxy HTTPS problem
5972 mod_prox open     Proxy cannot connect to many IIS 4.0 sites
6040 mod_prox open     New feature: mod_proxy should pass on original IP
6055 mod_prox open     PATCH:  make mod_proxy deliver cookies set by other modules when used as ProxyPass
6069 mod_prox open     PATCH to enable PUT for mod_proxy
6095 mod_prox open     Set-Cookie with 'domain=' attribute not handled with ProxyPass
6127 mod_prox open     mod_proxy does not reset timer when reading from client
6223 mod_prox open     CONNECT gets the wrong URL from mod_rewrite
6253 mod_prox open     CGI scriptsget wrong URL when accessed through same virtual host as proxy
6264 mod_prox open     mod_proxy suggestion
6268 mod_prox open     proxy_ftp.c fails with some servers -- the communication hangs.
6306 mod_prox open     ProxyPassReverse matches hostnames case sensitive
6396 mod_prox open     Setting HOST header for reverse Proxy
6462 mod_prox open     Have configured the proxy server but cannot retrieve page using the host name - just gives a 'Host not found' error
6498 mod_prox open     With caching turned on, ProxyPassed site does not return all data?
6511 mod_prox open     Proxying does not support Content-Encoding
6520 mod_prox open     Using Apache proxy cache with proxypass and proxypassReverse, I cannot cache Weblogic site but can cache other IIS or Apache sites
6533 mod_prox open     Request to include a ProxyAllow directive
6539 mod_prox open     Incomplete Response from some Secure Sites via proxy_connect.c
6585 mod_prox open     Proxy continues connection to Push-Server, though Client has gone.
6598 mod_prox open     mod_proxy does not proxy NTLM authentication properly
6615 mod_prox open     Proxy server errors with MACOS FTP server
 362 mod_prox suspende Mod_proxy doesn't allow change of error pages
 440 mod_prox suspende Proxy doesn't deliver documents if not connected
 534 mod_prox suspende proxy converts ~name to %7Ename when name starts with a dot (.)
 612 mod_prox suspende Proxy FTP Authentication Fails
 700 mod_prox suspende Proxy doesn't do links right for OpenVMS files through ftp:
 980 mod_prox suspende Controlling Access to Remote Proxies would be nice...
 994 mod_prox suspende Adding authentication "on the fly" through the proxy module
1085 mod_prox suspende ProxyRemote make a dead cycle.
1166 mod_prox suspende ``nph-'' not honored (no buffering) for ProxyRemote mapping
1290 mod_prox suspende Need to know "hit-rate" on proxy cache
1532 mod_prox suspende Proxy transfer logging
1547 mod_prox suspende No HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR set...
1567 mod_prox suspende ProxyRemote proxy requests fail authentication by firewall
1702 mod_prox suspende mod_proxy to support persistent conns?
1878 mod_prox suspende listing of proxy cache content
2314 mod_prox suspende patterns in ProxyRemote
3568 mod_prox suspende Accessing URL through proxy server corrupts data.
3605 mod_prox suspende Some anonymous FTP URLs ask for authentication
2054 mod_rewr analyzed More "trailing slash" problem.
3147 mod_rewr feedback apache sons eat all the cpu.
3213 mod_rewr feedback RewriteCond %{} !-U [skip=1] -- 'skip' not working?
3351 mod_rewr feedback Henry Spencer's regexp library won't match a simple regexp in mod_rewrite
4247 mod_rewr feedback mod_rewrite of cgi's looses information passed to cgi
2652 mod_rewr open     added feature where mod_rewrite can match on query-string part of URL
2931 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite -U switch in combination with [P] rule doesn't work properly
3458 mod_rewr open     [L] option to stop rewriting doesn't work...
3489 mod_rewr open     rewrite to intranet ignores No_Proxy directive
3532 mod_rewr open     When a user hits a site that the rewrite rule get's executed, apache goes into a infinite loop consuming ram.
3855 mod_rewr open     Existing RewriteBase and RewriteRule commands embedded in <directory></directory> stopped working after upgrading from 1.3.3 to 1.3.4
3923 mod_rewr open     mod_rewite rule disables mod_access functionality
4276 mod_rewr open     Rewriting with {prg:/my/rewriteprog} fails if URI contains %0A
4742 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite doesn't rewrite (always) URL.
4869 mod_rewr open     Can't rewrite a URL if hostname part is followed by a port
4928 mod_rewr open     Rewrites using proxy option [P] drop QUERY-STRING
4963 mod_rewr open     Multiple time variables can expand incorrectly in a URL rewrite.
4998 mod_rewr open     turning on mod_rewrite.dll the server service can't start
5147 mod_rewr open     Matching "on" with !="on" succeeds when it should fail
5148 mod_rewr open     Using mod_rewrite to redirect to a URL starting with http: includes path-info when it shouldn't
5210 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite can't handle 8bit character(big5)?
5229 mod_rewr open     RewiteCond -U reports the wrong status code
5299 mod_rewr open     Mod-rewrite of cgi changes REQUEST_METHOD
5338 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite mistakenly ignores RewriteRule directives with [P] option for subrequests
5431 mod_rewr open     a Self-Referring ReWriteRule uses all memory, crashes other Daemons.
5432 mod_rewr open     Rewrite with redirect ignore parameters to path segments.
5633 mod_rewr open     QUERY_STRING should not always be escaped by mod_rewrite
5638 mod_rewr open     int:tolower causes internal looping on null input
5714 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite -> mod_prox rewrite escaping problem.
5723 mod_rewr open     RewriteOptions bug (and/or documentation misleading)
5820 mod_rewr open     mod rewrite fails to do dbm map lookups when mod_php3 and/or mod_perl are active
5890 mod_rewr open     Rewriting rule in virtual host tag gives a core dump when it start
5900 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite does not handle per-directory rewrites correctly on Win NT
5973 mod_rewr open     Possible design flaw in backreference/variable replacements
6042 mod_rewr open     When redirect is forced via mod_rewrite [R] flag the query string gets double-escaped
6204 mod_rewr open     rewrite rules in .htaccess files cause a segmentation fault.
6213 mod_rewr open     Vary header issues (pr 1644) not documented
6262 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite does not set environment varibles proplerly when dealing with subrequests
6346 mod_rewr open     using mod_proxy and mod_rewrite together is broken under this release
6372 mod_rewr open     Rewrite rule with passtrough doesn't work correctly under Win NT
6422 mod_rewr open     Apache does not start RewriteMap program under Windows NT
6468 mod_rewr open     RewriteCond not properly using [NC] (no case) flag
6527 mod_rewr open     POSTing to script that has its URL rewritten does not work (GETs do)
6586 mod_rewr open     mod_rewrite escaping prevents the use of w3c recomanded cgi field separator ';'
1582 mod_rewr suspende mod_rewrite forms REQUEST_URI different than mod_cgi does
2074 mod_rewr suspende mod_rewrite doesn't pass Proxy Throughput on internal subrequests
4545 mod_sete analyzed No way to limit access based on REMOTE_IDENT RFC1413 identd IdentityCheck
4055 mod_sete open     SetEnvIf truncates the query string from $REQUEST_URI when matching against regexp
6195 mod_so   feedback Can't compile with --enable-so
3276 mod_so   open     dumps core on startup using dso
3493 mod_so   open     os/unix/os.c dlclose()s objects before module cleanups are complete
4048 mod_so   open     Unable to load a module we developed using DSO feature...
4150 mod_so   open     httpd segfaults when trying to load modules -> DSO does not work on sol 2.7
4289 mod_so   open     DSO is broken
4442 mod_so   open     .../apachectl start can't LoadModule(s) because it can't find ap_palloc
4838 mod_so   open     DLD missing in newer Apache
5121 mod_so   open     Loading PyApache-4.19 with apxs causes a segfault shortly after load.
5421 mod_so   open     apxs fails due to unparsed -Wl arguments
5427 mod_so   open     mod_so doesn't get built/loaded
5505 mod_so   open     DSO modules do not load due to unresolved symbols
5559 mod_so   open     getting signal 11 working with shared module
6150 mod_so   open     undefined reference when enabeling mod_so for DSO support
6578 mod_so   open     Does not compile with APXS support  on linux 5.2
4677 mod_spel open     Optimization: Only correct spelling if no Referer
5326 mod_spel open     mod_speling does not escape URLs
5418 mod_spel open     Unexpected and unhelpful mod_speling typo correction with trailing slash
5837 mod_spel open     mod_speling give incorrect results when a slash is involved
6421 mod_spel open     Incorrectly appended "/" to filename of existing document
2108 mod_stat analyzed server-status reports many more requests being processed than really exist
5067 mod_stat analyzed Server Status refresh can be too fast
4744 mod_stat feedback Visiting server-status logs the hostname of the client regardless of HostnameLookup.
4397 mod_stat open     server-status displays huge number for "Req"
4421 mod_stat open     error.log [notice] httpd: child pid 15290 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
5044 mod_stat open     server status won't work with all virtual hosts
5199 mod_stat open     Add port to vhost in status table
5643 mod_stat open     Status page doesn't show parent PID
5776 mod_stat open     ExtendedStatus on breaks in certain cases
6085 mod_stat open     mod_status displays incorrect vhost name with mod_vhost_alias
2138 mod_stat suspende mod_status always displays 256 possible connection slots
2343 mod_stat suspende Status module averages are for entire uptime
5826 mod_user feedback Apache does not change "~" in URL into user home dirctory.
3909 mod_user open     mod_usertrack cookie logging isn't logging cookie, it's logging something else.
4891 mod_user open     mod_userdir delivers:Cannot load /usr/libexec/ into server: /usr/libexec/ undefined symbol: ap_os_is_path_absolute when compiled w/ -O4
5006 mod_user open     Cookie can be set only for host
5012 mod_user open     Create Apache 1.3.6 for DSO could not Load mod_userdir error reported below
5023 mod_user open     patch to allow you to set the domain of cookies for usertrack tracking
5037 mod_user open     mod_user_dir inaccurate when network file system unavailable
5038 mod_user open     fix for bogus unique users
5060 mod_user open     User track generates flawed records.
5356 mod_user open     Turn the expiry cookie into a timeout
5794 mod_user open     New version of mod_usertrack with gimmicks.
5811 mod_user open     search of the cookie name in the cookie string
5880 mod_user open     mod_usertrack overwrites cookies added by handlers preceding its fixup handler
5920 mod_user open     mod_usertrack could allow cookie domain setting and hash the unique id
6140 mod_user open     The patch for sending cookies with server's domain and something else..
6196 mod_user open (Apache v1.3.12) cannot be loaded while RedHat Linux 6.2 boots up.
6244 mod_user open     UserDir doesn't like directories starting with a period
6283 mod_user open     Path to user home page is badly created in mod_userdir.c
3378 os-aix   feedback Correctly built httpd fails to run
3863 os-aix   feedback I can't compile apache
2937 os-aix   open     Address already in use errors
3379 os-aix   open     Compilation problems with GCC
4026 os-aix   open     unable to configure
4296 os-aix   open     wrong regexec is loaded when using DSO
5018 os-aix   open     apxs for creating object for DSO fails on AIX
5101 os-aix   open     LoadModule synatx error on AIX 4.2
5105 os-aix   open     Compile problem - mod_include.c:1200: redefinition of `struct token'
5141 os-aix   open     DSO results in "bad magic" at runtime
5309 os-aix   open     AIX - dlopen() problems fixed
5531 os-aix   open installation script clobbers original httpd.conf file.
5613 os-aix   open     will not compile,
5631 os-aix   open     Sometimes the wrong User pages are serves
6447 os-aix   open     Logfile stops at 2 GB
2785 os-aix   suspende Support for System Resource Controller
4395 os-bsdi  open     The server runs fine and then the CGI scripts on the server just stop working
4496 os-bsdi  open     Apache doesn't know how to build DSO support for BSD/OS 3
5154 os-bsdi  open     BSDI has it's own layout for Apache installation
5684 os-bsdi  open     Setting TCP_NODELAY on BSD/OS hurts performance.
3011 os-dgux  open     Wrong order of bytes in IP address for Listen and VirtualHost directives
5715 os-dgux  open sets wrong permissions
3280 os-freeb feedback Apache make fails at util_uri.c
3097 os-freeb open     Default syslog facility should not be LOG_LOCAL7.
4772 os-freeb open     Apache threads give sig 11 when there is reached open files limit on the system
4794 os-freeb open     graceful restart causes zombies
6587 os-hp_mp open     Please apply MPE patch posted to new-httpd on 9/22
2466 os-hpux  analyzed Placing logs directory in AFS causes children to be unkillable
5167 os-hpux  feedback Can't compile
3093 os-hpux  open     #DEFINEs required in os.h are not available in dl.h in HP-UX 8
3193 os-hpux  open     Compile Halts - error in function ap_os_dso_load
4144 os-hpux  open     compile errors
4339 os-hpux  open     Build fails without the +e or -Ae compiler flags
4428 os-hpux  open     Warning message during compile
4724 os-hpux  open     ap_os_dso_sym can't get symbols
4931 os-hpux  open     Compilation and runtime problems
4974 os-hpux  open     DSO Build(Link) Problem (& Resolution) on HPUX
5052 os-hpux  open     DSO support won't compile under HP-UX 11 on a 32-bit machine
5297 os-hpux  open     Does not compile with APXS support on HP-UX 11.00
5395 os-hpux  open     Does not compile with APXS support on HP-UX 11.00
5463 os-hpux  open     Use of streams in C++ module causes segmentation fault
5566 os-hpux  open     Using apachectl as rc script displays garbage
5692 os-hpux  open     Fail on the installing the file ./configure
5741 os-hpux  open     make error when activating php with oracle support
5759 os-hpux  open     apxs fails due to linker error with php3 on HP-UX 10.20
6104 os-hpux  open     Apache regcomp()/regexec() collision with libc
6185 os-hpux  open     "char *tmpnam(char*)" in htpasswd.c unreliably implemented.
2742 os-irix  analyzed error message "semget: no space left on device"  Server won't start
4126 os-irix  feedback NO_LINGCLOSE not required for current IRIX rev's
4533 os-irix  feedback makefile bug on irix
2689 os-irix  open     more info on the semctl() problem reported by others
3185 os-irix  open     Problems compiling for Indy using latest SGI compilers on Indigo
3197 os-irix  open     Cannot compile with SHARED_CORE
3534 os-irix  open     cannot start apache
3747 os-irix  open     Apache wont compile because of problem in ld with Shared Core.
5607 os-irix  open     can't compile apache on my Indigo2 with IRIX 6.5
5886 os-irix  open     Apache builds n32 even when IRIXN32 rule is disabled
3897 os-linux feedback 1.3.4 server starts, seemingly normally...  dies, no children, no errors   not the case with 1.2.0
4519 os-linux feedback After installation of Apache 1.3.6, get error when trying to start Apache
4660 os-linux feedback httpd doesn't work
5271 os-linux feedback initgroups() returns an error to error_log
5525 os-linux feedback Many sockets left in CLOSE_WAIT, many apache children hang
3128 os-linux open     src/Configure script produces garbled module.c file if a module has DOS newlines.
4134 os-linux open     apachectl status prints broken pipe
4268 os-linux open     Performance drops off after high specweb loads on highperformance-conf-dist
4440 os-linux open     Apache does not follow symbolic links across different file systems but reports Forbidden instead.
4453 os-linux open     F_SETLKW: Error, then server brings Linux down
4528 os-linux open     glibc-2.1 moved ndbm.h into /usr/include/db1 - configure doesn't find it automatically(?!)
4607 os-linux open     httpd silently dies and progressivly gets worse.
4642 os-linux open     Large memory growth, followed by occaisonal server failures
4796 os-linux open     crypt reference not found
4822 os-linux open     When trying to start Apache, Message "DBROOT must be set!" appears.
4848 os-linux open     Apache locks every few days under high load (multiple physical servers)
4861 os-linux open     clients receiving connection reset by peer at seemingly random intervals
4870 os-linux open     Compiling Problem
4941 os-linux open     cgi-bin directory or cgi script file name not found.
4986 os-linux open     unresolved reference to crypt when configuring with apaci
5014 os-linux open     Configured with PHP3, it hardly compiles, but even if it does, the server segfaults.
5111 os-linux open     Cannot run make with Apache 1.3.9 on a Linux box
5123 os-linux open     Configure completes only ONCE, second time fails...
5189 os-linux open     [Sat Oct 23 13:13:56 1999] [crit] (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to port 80
5217 os-linux open     Apache Installation fails with php3 and odbc driver
5288 os-linux open     Apache stops responding to incoming requests, until it is forcefully restarted.
5308 os-linux open     The httpd server suddenly dies every two or three hours or six hours randomly.
5568 os-linux open     wrong virtual host page responds
5572 os-linux open     wrong virtual host page responds
5661 os-linux open     most children die and server becomes unresponsive
6026 os-linux open     Very poor CGI performance from 1.3.x Apache compared to 1.2.5
6045 os-linux open     collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
6067 os-linux open     I get a child process when trying to add a .htaccess w/ .htpasswd in a previlege directory
6097 os-linux open     htaccess segffaults
6176 os-linux open     Large memory growth, followed by occaisonal server failures
6179 os-linux open     change needed to run off Linux ext2 read-only or WORM filesystem
2003 os-netbs analyzed kill -HUP doesn't work right
2462 os-netbs open     DSO symbols don't need an underscore prepended on NetBSD/pmax 1.3.2
2293 os-next  analyzed Compilation errors on NeXTstep/OpenStep 4.0
4466 os-next  feedback compilation error
5055 os-next  feedback compile fails on http_core.c due to undefined rlim_t
1986 os-next  open     mod_status can't find machine/param.h at compilation time
3223 os-next  open     problem running some cgi scripts
4906 os-next  open     Missing definition of rlim_t in ap_config.h
5054 os-next  open uses formatted date command not available on NextStep 3.3
5070 os-next  open     Full output of CGI scripts not flushed.
3426 os-os2   open     URLs converted to lowercase;  access to uppercase filenames on NFS drives fail.
4269 os-os2   open     make install fails on os/2
4632 os-os2   open     End of file character in httpd.conf causes Apache to fail to start.
5918 os-os2   open     SCRIPT_NAME value varies depending on UC letter
5975 os-os2   open     Running a CGI script (Perl) causes error message 'too many open files...'
1775 os-osf   analyzed Entry AuthName in .htaccess isn't being diplayed
4184 os-osf   feedback make is not compiling
5490 os-osf   feedback Virtual host broken due to INADDR_NONE
3632 os-osf   open     regex fails some expressions - ScriptAliasMatch isn't ok.
3686 os-osf   open     make failed with errors in ap_os_dso
3994 os-osf   open     VirtualHost doesn't work
4168 os-osf   open     cannot connect to the server process (child dies with Bus error)
5373 os-osf   open     get 'nxm upcall: can't grow stack, pid 5789, proc httpd' when running php + oracle module
5503 os-osf   open     digital unix osf - open files limited, code change needed to increase
5933 os-other feedback Protected Space
4651 os-other open     kernel panic running 32 or more copies of ApacheBench
5435 os-other open     DSO build fails
5654 os-other open     Support UTS 4.3 or later
5934 os-other open     How to use PERL in Netware 5
5980 os-other open     Unable to execute perl scripts
6102 os-other open     missing library
6230 os-other open     This is the path layout that OpenBSD uses for its copy of Apache.
6576 os-other open     FD_SETSIZE on NetWare 5
2690 os-sco   open     Compile error
4633 os-sco   open     /helpers/TestCompile: im: not found when running Configure
3732 os-solar analyzed Apache 1.3.4 and mod_ssl-2.1.7-1.3.4 doesn't work with DSO support
1190 os-solar feedback server processes in keepalive state do not die after keepalive-timeout
3467 os-solar feedback Broken client connections not detected
3546 os-solar feedback httpd children become unkillable (NOT NFS problem)
3749 os-solar feedback Apparent memory leak +httpd processes that refuse to die
3789 os-solar feedback Server's children die off, and it cannot fork off any new ones.
4071 os-solar feedback date - 01/Jan/1970
4093 os-solar feedback The web server stops responding to client requests although it remains running.
4398 os-solar feedback Does not compile, states that ANSI C compiler isn't there.
5136 os-solar feedback stat in http_request.c ->get_path_info returns EOVERFLOW then self-corrects eventually after hitting web-client reload button.
5203 os-solar feedback had to include <unistd.h> in alloc.c, httpd_log.c, mod_include.c for successfull compile
2712 os-solar open     linking some APXS module with ORACLE libs seems to confuse apache...
3424 os-solar open     apxs created shared object files aren't finding /.../apache/include files
4283 os-solar open     Machine reboots when doing a apachectl stop
4318 os-solar open     Run queue spikes occur with many instances of Apache (parent procs become synchronised)
4322 os-solar open     Getting "permission denied: Accept: (client socket)", ref PR#1296
4374 os-solar open     [notice] child pid 1525 exit signal Segmentation Fault (11)
4692 os-solar open     STD*_FILENO not defined after configuration
4955 os-solar open     --enable-rule=SHARED_CORE causes core dump upon startup
5013 os-solar open     > Segmentation Fault - core dumped during compilation
5069 os-solar open     Apache does not compile on one intel solaris 2.7 machine : mine;-)
5477 os-solar open     DSO module fails to load
5483 os-solar open     Apache dies with F_SETLKW error although NFS is not running.
5582 os-solar open     Unable to compile. Receiving ap_signal.c: error. Similar to PR 4663
5606 os-solar open     Solaris 2.7 requires STD*FILENO definitions in ap_config.h
5697 os-solar open     On Installation, the "make install" fails in on of shell scripts.
6025 os-solar open     httpd eating up system ram and swap space
6035 os-solar open     broken localtime - autoindex displays wrong file date/time
6211 os-solar open     Apache time outs don't work on SPARC Solaris (ours, at least)
6257 os-solar open     ORA-12154 TNS-12154 intermitment through browser
6322 os-solar open     apache hang
6345 os-solar open     Detects Wrong  OS - Detects Irix 64 instead of Solaris.
6503 os-solar open     1. Cannot protect directories using .htaccess    2. Cannot access a directory using MSIE
6588 os-solar open     system crash - httpd does not start on boot
2728 os-sunos open     DSO not working - similar to PR 2349
4672 os-sunos open     Can't kill webserver process - Similar to PR #1977
4279 os-ultri open     Apache complained that it doesn't know how to serialize access when started with two LISTEN directives.
4902 os-ultri open     configure hangs, from the beginning
4940 os-ultri open     configure script fails, building of Apache fails during linking httpd daemon
6387 os-unixw open     apache slows down after some minutes to almost stop
1623 os-windo analyzed Buffering of script output is not switched off
3168 os-windo analyzed Win32 (NT): CGI scripts that
3412 os-windo analyzed [PATCH] <Directory /> sections ignored
5671 os-windo analyzed CGI print to stdout while reading POST from stdin deadlocks Win32 Pipes
6206 os-windo analyzed Compiling with BORLAND C++ BUILDER 4
6287 os-windo analyzed APACHE_TLS __declspec( thread )
6504 os-windo analyzed Can't run Visual Basic program as CGI script
2810 os-windo feedback Rewrite rule:  RewriteRule ^/somepath(.*) http://fully.qualified.domain/anypath$1 [P] does not work.
4249 os-windo feedback No apache when no user logged in.
4758 os-windo feedback Apache grabs 100% CPU on Windows NT.
5224 os-windo feedback 100% CPU Usage
5416 os-windo feedback Freezes in windows
6327 os-windo feedback CGI apps cannot fail if they attempt to create a window.
6552 os-windo feedback Can't start Apache service.
3207 os-windo open     SYSTEM permission of HT-Doc-dirs needs to be set correct
3574 os-windo open     Down the Server via Batch file.
3774 os-windo open     ApacheJServ.jar from ApacheJServ1.0b2-Apche1.3.4.exe is empty
3847 os-windo open     CGIs don't get terminated if browser aborts connection
4154 os-windo open     Apache "starting up" is a little confusing
4162 os-windo open     Request/suggestion
4217 os-windo open     Set-Cookie headers are NOT passed on NT box.
4245 os-windo open     Apache child process eats up all CPU.
4253 os-windo open     Uninstalling Apache doesn't clean the Registry
4264 os-windo open     Once I enabled a directory index, the icons weren't found
4267 os-windo open     Apache not appearing as service
4273 os-windo open     Session data is gone after Apache's memory "flush"
4275 os-windo open     filename associations cause script source code to be returned from GET's (sometimes)
4471 os-windo open     ScriptAlias for long file name don't work with 16 bit executable cgi
4522 os-windo open     Incompatibilities with JRun Pro 2.2. Problem persists even after uninstall of JRun.
4753 os-windo open     Every once and a while apache will start using 99% CPU usage.
4774 os-windo open     ProxyPass to causes application error.
4801 os-windo open     Apache Proxy server does not forward/return requests for authentication from my firewall.
4933 os-windo open     source module: apache/src/os/win32/afxres.h not found
5065 os-windo open     cgi scripts hang forever
5191 os-windo open     Apache fails to respond to HTTP request.
5198 os-windo open     Perl's system() calls hang Apache 1.3.9
5209 os-windo open     cannot register the Apache Admin and Server as NT Service
5264 os-windo open     Case Sensitive matching of Authentication locations in Windows Apache
5307 os-windo open     Apache.exe -k restart fails since jserv update to 1.1 beta3
5408 os-windo open     getResourceAsStream throws NullPointerException in JServServletManager
5556 os-windo open     setup_inherited_listeners: WSASocket failed to get inherit the socket
5574 os-windo open     DNS failure - starts up and closes immediately
5586 os-windo open     apache starting as a service or desktop is intermittent
5653 os-windo open     <!--#config timefmt="%Z"-->  returns "GMT Standard Time" instead of "GMT"
5662 os-windo open     CGI executions pops up window
5685 os-windo open     c compiled CGIs (.exe files) located in /cgi-bin/ directory doesn't run
5827 os-windo open     Premature end of script headers - for all gcc compiled programs
6023 os-windo open     Internal Windows NT error occured   Can't start the service at all
6332 os-windo open     Cannot start from start menu or command line, apache flashes and disapears.
6356 os-windo open     starting on win32 with command line -d using a relative directory is quirky
6390 os-windo open     Apache hangs during start-up and terminates
6416 os-windo open     Username not logged correctly
6547 os-windo open     Apache is dropping requests on WinNT 4.0
6604 os-windo open     Output of CGI Just stops with no error
6614 os-windo open     cannot restart Apache after unclean shutdown
6620 os-windo open     -d root directory command line option ineffective
3594 os-windo suspende Please add an Apache icon to the systray instead of a DOS window
4180 os-windo suspende Alternative for win95 users
4658 os-windo suspende The output of CGI scripts appears in the window that apache is running in
5713 os-windo suspende [PATCH] install as service with domain account
6144 os-windo suspende Win32 does not support suEXEC User/Group directives
1861 other    analyzed GNATS doesn't automail pending stuff
2936 other    analyzed Adding new cygwin32 platform support to core Apache distribution
3071 other    analyzed Default 404 Errors give COMPLETE Unix pathnames of where the root HTTPD directory is located.
3713 other    analyzed rotatelogs example does not handle SIGHUP, SIGUSR1, SIGTERM
6475 other    analyzed [Patch] Error reporting for lost htdigest/htpasswd actions due to full /tmp volume
3304 other    feedback bugdb is producing emails with mal-formed headers
4525 other    feedback multi file fetches for ab.c
4996 other    feedback Lower/uppercase problem with dynamic mass vhosting (mod_vhost_alias)
5225 other    feedback Child processes die and Apache does not respond
5825 other    feedback Mass v-hosting ignores %1 in VirtualScriptAlias
3062 other    open     main/rfc1413.c: "remote , local" port syntax will fail
3068 other    open     after adding php to apache, errno doesn't work...
3139 other    open     [PATCH] disallow access to hard linked files
3400 other    open     Small modifications to integrate MS Frontpage Extensions in 1.3.3
3462 other    open     apache can't handle firewalls blocking identd queries
3584 other    open     Difference between CVS and CVSup repositories
3816 other    open     Apache 1.3.4 Win32 Install program loss
4343 other    open     Activating a new module as a DSO
4487 other    open     linking APACI into the src/helpers directory do get a clean configure
4653 other    open     ab mishandles URLs with colons in query string
4713 other    open     The script src/regex/mkh is shipped as non-executable.
4776 other    open     PHP's parse_url regex fails.  It's OK after updating to HS's current regex.
4835 other    open     i try to compile but it was error refer to full description.. tahnk u for your help
4843 other    open     THANX
5103 other    open     generated Makefile has '-rpath' option that gcc does not understand
5422 other    open     Doesn't load when mod_php3 / mod_php (4) is activated
5425 other    open     [PATCH] new function for rotatelogs
5492 other    open     feature request for logrotate+logresolve
5599 other    open     Apache start then exit (because of a memory address error msg - under gdb)
5816 other    open     new attack pattern using long cookies?
6071 other    open     The use of a different ServletContext for each loaded servlet does not comply with ServletContext specs in the API 2.2 (possibly 2.0)
6072 other    open     The JServ bug report form at does not work
6111 other    open     ab - apache bench authorization slightly broken
6121 other    open     This patch adds an offset param to rotatelogs(8)
6299 other    open     apache bench can grow to a large size; it uses small buffers for headers
6591 other    open     2.0a6 file cache doesn't compile
6595 other    open     I can't debugging MSCV6.0.
1028 other    suspende DoS attacks involving memory consumption
6181 pending  open     typo in 1.3.9 httpd.conf
6232 pending  open     Re: Problem, possibly related to ticket 4642
6242 pending  open     Re: Problem, possibly related to ticket 4642
6490 pending  open     BUG?  Add PHP4 to Apache 1.3.9 LOGGING STOPPED
6630 pending  open     CPU Apache
 378 protocol analyzed Wrong behavior on an OPTIONS request
4367 protocol analyzed Transfer-Encoding: chunked: chunk-size ends with a space
3334 protocol feedback End-of-line convention conversion for text/plain POST truncates data
3398 protocol feedback Browser only reads 162 bytes from Apache server
4716 protocol feedback Server send invalid response if chunked transfer has chunk larger than 4095 bytes.
3315 protocol open     "force-response-1.0" doesn't effect in some responses
4669 protocol open     Proxy requests are treated as local when mod_proxy isn't loaded
5175 protocol open     Forcing Content-Type to be set
5201 protocol open     Illegal Status-Line
5411 protocol open     probably missing test in If-Modified-Since code
5455 protocol open     Lynx misinterprets Content-Location
6461 protocol open     Source error: Charset 'iso8859-1' is hardcoded in http_protocol.c (line N 2588).
6516 protocol open     Absolute URIs in a HTTP/1.0 request ignore supplied host
6530 protocol open     ServerTokens offers no "NONE" option
2793 protocol suspende When will Apache support P3P? Any Plans?
1725 suexec   analyzed with suexec around some useful errors aren't logged well enough
6177 suexec   analyzed Compilation problems of suexec
2271 suexec   feedback SUEXEC not allowing FrontPage Extentions to run
3154 suexec   feedback suexec is getting started with wrong groupname
3342 suexec   feedback suEXEC compiles but does not wrap cgi's
3466 suexec   feedback Suexec doesn't allow for good resource control
4567 suexec   feedback suexec ignores User directive in <virtualhost> section
2419 suexec   open     suexec doesn't recognize commandline parameters
2581 suexec   open     suexec on SCO doesn't use a replacement routine for initgroups(), but Apache does
2790 suexec   open     Array overflow in suexec and some suggested improvements
3264 suexec   open     symlinks don't work in CGI scripts when using SUEXEC
3595 suexec   open     Proposal for a chroot() call in suexec
3871 suexec   open     suExec should be able to be turned on/off on a per directory basis
4111 suexec   open     SSI #exec cmd="..." does not work with suexec enabled
5260 suexec   open     suexec'd scripts don't honour cputime limit
5329 suexec   open     kill of CGI fails due to suexec permission change
5381 suexec   open     suexec-ution failure reports in error_log and responses are unclear
5567 suexec   open     suexec and SSI "exec cmd" don't cooperate when cmd include args
5829 suexec   open     Not in docroot error
5913 suexec   open     suexec.c does not compile, problem with "strerror"
6017 suexec   open     RLimitNPROC doesn't work with suexec
6221 suexec   open     suexec is ignoring UserDir directive in httpd.conf
6355 suexec   open     User directive in <VirtualHost> requires SUEXEC wrapper
6637 suexec   open     suexec doesn't use setusercontext() and related
 921 suexec   suspende Uses cwd before filling it in, doesn't use syslog
1120 suexec   suspende suexec does not parse arguments to #exec cmd
1268 suexec   suspende CGI scripts running as Apache user: security (suexec etc.)
1285 suexec   suspende Error messages could be easier to spot in cgi.log file for suexec.c
1905 suexec   suspende Allow modules to set user:group for execution.
2360 suexec   suspende suexec for general access of user content?
2573 suexec   suspende CGI's for general use still have to be run as another user with suExec
5507 test     open     Incorrect environment variable name pass from CGI, that makes executing test-cgi and printenv not properly.
5787 test     open     GPROF defines in http_main.c
5991 test     open     Testing GNATS index update
5992 test     open     Another test..
6138 xml-coco open     standalone usage of Cocoon1.7.3: NullPointerException in
6425 xml-xerc open     XMLText.cpp does not compile when XML_DEBUG is defined
6524 xml-xerc open     Compiler error on every line from line 1 to line 17.

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