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From Michael Long <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] 2.0a7 ./buildconf clean
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 17:51:12 GMT
Ok sounds reasonable.

I still have to learn autoconf so I can't say how much changes will be 
required, but I suppose some will be necessary to define the proper defines.

You mentioned users using the latest libtool/autoconf - these won't be 
required once its released will they?  If so, its going to be a major 
hassle. Apache 1.3.14 configures/compiles out of the box with no additional 
programs users will have to go out and get and install these 
programs which (on most OSes) don't come by default?

--On Thursday, October 19, 2000 10:30 AM -0700 wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Michael Long wrote:
>> Guys, this is a quick and dirty patch to let you do "./buildconf clean"
>> which will traverse the subdirectories and remove all "configure" files,
>> thus letting buildconf rebuild them from's. This should
>> work  on any unix that has the "find" command though I have not tested
>> it on any  system other than my own, nor put any test in there since I
>> suspect (hope?)  buildconf won't be needed for most users once 2.0 is
>> released.
> This can be done with 'make distclean' just fine, and it is only a problem
> if you try to re-build the configuration stuff before running configure at
> all.  Once we have the configure stuff working on all platforms, that
> shouldn't be an issue.
> The patch also doesn't go far enough.  We can't just delete configure,
> because that ignores all of the other symlinks that buildconf creates.
> While buildconf shouldn't be necessary for anybody who uses binary builds,
> people who want to compile on their own machines will likely always use
> buildconf to make sure that they are using the latest version of
> libtool/autoconf.
>> This is mostly for convienence...especially for me anyway since I plan
>> to  eventually revamp the configure stuff for tru64 like I did for
>> 1.3.14 --is  anyone ever going to look at my 1.3.14 patch? please? :)
> How are you going to revamp the configuration?  We are using autoconf now,
> so much of what you did for 1.3.14 shouldn't be necessary.
> Also, please only submit patches to one place, either the bug DB or the
> development list.  Putting it in both places makes it harder to track,
> because there isn't a single place where all information can be found.
> In general, I am against this patch because we already have this ability
> in the makefiles, which is where it belongs.
> Ryan
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Michael Long
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