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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Splitting APR from Apache.
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 17:00:47 GMT
I'm +1 conceptually... this is the right answer.

Until we push to 2.0b1(?) we shouldn't tag out APR 1.0b1 - but I believe on
day this is an ideal proposal.  I'm +1 on giving subversion APR coders
access to
httpd to post fixes till then, if necessary (as long as they follow the
new-httpd list).
APR is still moving a bit fast to set it apart just yet, IMHO.

Let's split APR as an independent cross-team library with it's own lists...
but I'm
-0 on this till immediately prior to rolling 2.0b1.

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Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2000 4:12 AM
Subject: Splitting APR from Apache.

> Some people at ApacheCon have heard me ask this already, but I want to be
> very public about this, so I am asking here as well.  I would like to
> split APR out of the Apache HTTPD project.  Obviously, this would still be
> an ASF project, but it would be its own project, and it would have to
> succeed or fail on its own.
> I believe that APR is stable enough to stand on it's own now.  There is
> also the fact that subversion is using APR, and it shouldn't have to go
> throught new-httpd to talk about APR.  There should be a separate APR web
> page, bug DB, and mailing list.
> Are there any thoughts about this?  I have some thoughts about how to give
> out commit access to APR to begin with.  My basic thought is that I don't
> want to weight the APR development list with HTTP specific people, but I
> also don't want to limit the people who have commit access.
> My basic thought is that commit access starts with nobody having
> access.  Anybody who currently has commit access to Apache, is free to ask
> for APR commit access, and they will be given it.  This is not a one time
> offer.  This offer will also be available to everybody who has commit
> access to subversion.
> I would ask that people are patient.  I don't expect anything to happen
> with this until ApacheCon is over and we all have time to work on
> this.  Also, my commit access idea is just that, an idea.  I am perfectly
> open to other suggestions for how to migrate this to it's own
> project.
> Finally, once we have APR as it's own project, all of the people with
> commit access will of course have equal input to determine how commit
> access is given out in the future.
> Ryan
> Ryan Bloom              
> 406 29th St.
> San Francisco, CA 94131
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