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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject AP[R]_DECLARE[_NONSTD|DATA] patch coming up quickly
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2000 07:28:35 GMT


I've received no negatives on this proposal, so I'm prepared to
mass update on Sunday afternoon.  If you object, yell now.

The patch will do nothing other than the symbol rename.  I'll
run the perl fixup against a clean checkout and won't fix any
problems I find during the rename.  I'll throw a heads up to
the list about two hours before so noone with code checked out
is caught off guard.

If the timetable doesn't work (you are deep into a module you
can't commit just then) I will push this a few hours or into
Sunday evening.  Just let me know on the list.


The after effect will be a full review of APR, then AP, looking
for symbols in our export lists that aren't declared as export,
and visa versa.  We will have clean aprlib.exp and httpd.exp
symbol lists when I'm finished.  I'll also create a httpd.imp
list for symbols that aren't declared as CORE_EXPORT (which all 
become AP_DECLARE_CORE[_NONSTD|_DATA]) and should not be linked
in to 95% of the modules.

I'm going to automate the process to make it easier so we don't
have another 1.3.13 :-(

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