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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2000 18:31:26 GMT

Sorry for the loud title :-(

Whomever is current on this list from Novell, or users of the NetWare
port, please ack this note.  There were changes due to the <Directory />
patch and apparent problems with special <Directory > sections with
the NetWare filename namespace.  They should be correct at this time,
but I have no guarentees.  If you are in a position, please test that
<Directory > restrictions work with Netware, in the flavors:

<Directory />   (any file)
<Directory server>
<Directory server/volume:/>

I also have an outstanding question, what is $^O in perl on netware?

I am happy helping, with what rusty knowledge I have of Netware, to 
get any problems resolved.  This will not hold up the formal release
of 1.3.x, since the warnings have been on the list for some time.  If
it can't be resolved, at least it could be documented.  I'm fairly
certain that NW <Directory >'s weren't entirely solid in the first place.


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