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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject A nomination...
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 03:48:24 GMT

This is a little bit old (two weeks), semi-off topic, but too fun to 
pass up... this really worked, and was way to cool/unusual/unique ... 
maybe I should have wired this up to slashdot :-)

> "Garison Piatt" <> wrote in message
> > How's this for a brain-dead idea?  My client's client wants to put his
> > entire web site on a CD-ROM.  Can you say, "unclear on the concept"?  
> > Still, they are paying me many bucks or many hours, so who am I to complain?
> >
> > Here's the stats: Apache v. 1.3.12; Windows 95/98; using AutoPlay Menu
> > to bring up the site; emulating a CD with a write-locked Zip Drive.
> >
> > ServerName is; everything (I think) that Apache writes  is
> > written to /Windows/temp. I can run it from the console window, and it 
> > works fine.  However, when I run it from AutoPlay, I get an error message 
> > to the effect that the function is only valid in Win32 mode (which I
> > thought I was running under) and that openSCManager failed.
> >
> > I admit a vague possibility that the call from AutoPlay is tantamount to
> > running Apache as a server, so I'm tempted to think that sticking 
> > 'apache -i -n "apache"' in the AutoPlay script will do the trick.  
> > However, I am understandably unwilling to put extraneous software on my
> > client's client's customer's computer's hard drive without good reason.
> > The obvious question here is, "does the -i option actually install software, 
> > or does it just set the registry values?" If it insists on installing 
> > software someplace, can I do that on the CD in advance, and just set the 
> > required registry values (assuming there is a list of them somewhere) 
> > through AutoPlay?  And, if possible, some assurance that this will work 
> > equally well on Windows 95 as on 98 would be nice -- even if you have to lie.
> >
> > If it's possible, would you please respond to:
> >
> > Mahalo,
> > -garison

"William A. Rowe, Jr." <> wrote in message news:...
> The old apache treated launching as a hidden window as starting a
> service, not Windows.  There is no SCM on Win95 - therefore you
> found this error.  Forget using -i(nstall) - even though it is a registry
> only operation - there is no reason to leave the crud hanging around.
> Download the 1.3.13-dev tree from (it should be stable,
> at the moment.)  This problem was fixed by accepting the --ntservice
> argument for just this sort of problem, and now also tests that it is or is
> not running under NT.
> The only problem I see you having is with the log files (unless all are nul)
> and the scoreboard file.  I'd do a little praying and map it to c:\windows\temp
> or something like that.
> Every other path must be relative... and use /path syntax instead of any
> specific drive letters.  I think this aught to work.  If you have perl on the
> CD as well, that should also work, if all your relative paths are good and you
> use #!/path semantics instead of relying on any registry stuff.
> You definately earn the Most Inventive Use of Apache/Win32 for the week :-)
> Glad to answer your question...

And yes... apparently the new version with the new bit of start service 
detection solved the problem.

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