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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: AddOutputFilter hook needed?
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 11:46:54 GMT writes:

> Problem a) is a non-issue.  Really think this through.  If this is a
> connection based filter, like charset translation, then the core something
> has to happen to trigger the filter to be inserted.  This is usually a
> header variable, like the chunking filter uses.

By the way... which charset translation filter are you talking about
here?  The one for content (as implemented by mod_charset_lite.c) or
the hypothetical one which recodes protocol data (the so-called
"implementation charset filter")?

The former filter is set up on a request-by-request basis.  For each
request we determine if it is needed and, if so, what the parameters
of translation are.  I see it as a content filter.  It usually needs
to be the content filter at the lowest level, but sometimes other
places make sense.

The latter filter is either always used or never used, depending on
the platform.

chunk_filter is request-oriented in that it acts on the
request/response bodies (content) and respects request boundaries and
doesn't touch header fields.  It is set up on a request-by-request
basis depending on info from the connection (protocol level) and info
from the request/response (content-length?)  It seems more of a
content filter than a connection filter.  Perhaps calling it a
connection filter and adding it in a certain order with respect to
core_filter makes it work with the current ap_add_filter()

core_filter is connection-oriented, of course.

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