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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: implementation charset filter
Date Sat, 23 Sep 2000 00:07:44 GMT
Tony Finch <> writes:

> In particular, when parsing the input request it makes sense to find
> the end of the header by looking for bytes 13,10,13,10 and not
> considering charset issues. It also makes sense to parse chunked input
> bodies in ASCII rather than the ics. (Do we support chunked request
> bodies in any versions? Even if we don't, support for chunked input
> would be useful to the proxy.) For reasons of symmetry I would then
> prefer to do output chunking directly in ASCII too.
> This leaves header fields (and trailers -- do we support them in any
> versions?) as the only things that need ics conversion, and I think it
> makes sense (for reasons of efficiency and the KISS principle) to do
> that in the header filter just after it has flattened them out from
> the table into a bucket. There then remains no need for an ics filter
> and no need to add complexity to the buckets (which I don't like for
> the reasons below).

No ics filter is fine with me (or better than fine)...

> >ics data will include chunk headers/trailers, HTTP header
> >fields, and probably canned error messages (for when the magic
> >redirection fails).
> I definitely think that error messages should be handled by the
> general-purpose charset filter because they are NOT metadata.

Plan A for these canned error messages is to redirect, in which case
they would be processed by normal content filters, including the
general-purpose charset filter.

But when the redirection fails and we bypass the content filters
(wasn't that the plan?) how do they get translated?  If there had been
an ics filter, it would be convenient that they are in the particular
codepage which the ics filter knows how to translate (i.e., they are
in the code page of the source code)...

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