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Subject Re: [Fwd: png icons for apache]
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 15:05:34 GMT

In a message dated 00-09-18 14:45:50 EDT,  J. Sutherland writes.

> Agreed - a GIF->PNG converter might be a useful thing to offer. 

Give me a filtering system that works and you will have a GIF->PNG
filter before you can say 'Who the hell let patented image formats
become an integral part of the Internet in the first place'.

It's already working fine on our own transcoding servers and all I
am waiting for is some Apache filtering that can handle the job.
I changed a local copy of Apache to do it as well, at some point,
but it in NO WAY resembles the filtering approach currently under
consideration. That's OK. Any filtering scheme will do.

>  thinking in terms of the GIFs in the Apache tarballs, though, which ARE
>  simple files - do you agree with a period of "parallel operation" - GIFs
>  and PNGs - then ditching the GIFs as and when we need to?
No. To use your term... 'Why bother?'

Until there is some real reason to change formats .PNG will still
remain a 'backroom' graphics format and the GIF/PNG issues
will remain. Yes... I know... .PNG is actually better... but that
and the price of tea will get you to China. Joe Public doesn't
know that and doesn't see the difference ( or want to ).

Is someone actively trying to sue Apache into royalty payments?
Where do they think the money will come from for the royalties,
IBM? Covalent? Brian Belhendorf?

I guess I'm just a little radical.
If owners of GIF think they can start squeezing some people 
for royalties and not others then I say let them try. I can't
think of a better test case for the lawyers to have this out
once and for all than for someone to be stupid enough to try 
and press the Apache group itself into paying royalties for 
using/distributing simple .GIF files.

Bring it on. Get it over with, once and for all.
The case is weak and any good lawyer will have a field day.

Kevin Kiley - Free IETF encoding Server

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