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Subject FREE Apache ZLIB Content-Encoding Filter Module
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 02:48:35 GMT

Speaking of filtering and Content-Encoding and Apache...

This is just FYI...

RCI has released their IETF Content-Encoding/Transfer-Encoding
real-time ZLIB transaction filter Server to the public for non-commercial
use. It is NOT a Beta or shareware or cripple ware. It's the real thing
and it is as free as Netscape is. 

It has been tested heavily for over a year now and is quite stable.

Sit this puppy down in front of Apache and it increases the throughput
anywhere from 250 to 300 percent. CacheFlow's testing software has
clocked this dynamic IETF Content-Encoding engine at upwards of 1000
transactions per second even with full real-time compression taking
place and on minimal hardware.

The Server is called RCTPD and the home page ( and the
DOWNLOAD links ) are at...

The FAQ for ths FREE version of the Encoding Server is at...

The product is available for ALL version of Windows (9x,2000,NT)
and all popular versions of UNIX.

Source code will be available.

The recent patches posted for ApacheBench can benchtest the
RCTPD compression server as well as any other Server that
is sending standard IETF Content/Transfer Encoding.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc. - Online Internet Content Compression Server - FREE compression server

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