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Subject Re: Thoughts on filter-chain composition (Short)
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 07:42:56 GMT

In a message dated 00-09-12 06:04:28 EDT, Tony Finch wrote
> You're mixing up two functions here, one which is within the limited
>  scope that I suggest (i.e. on-the-fly Content-Encoding: gzip
>  compression) and one that is not (on-the-fly extraction of a resource
>  from a complex zlib archive). One is HTTP-level, one is content-level.
>  In-scope, out-of-scope.

Here we go with not saying all there was to say again...
Okay... concise time...
You still don't get it.
Filter is just as likely to have to dynamically PACK the new
complex format as it will have to UNPACK it and it might have
to do BOTH at your defined 'content level'.
Think about it. 
Entity requested is already pre-compressed on local hard drive.
Filter MUST unpack it first to convert what is in it if it's crucial
that it do so. ( image collage meant for a handheld, for example).
Filter might then have to re-pack, same complex ZLIB collage format.
Converted entity heads out the door.
At all times... filter needed dynamic control over content filtering chain.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc. - Online Internet Content Compression Server

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