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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Splash!
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2000 21:28:38 GMT
Splash is something I wrote a while back, after inspiration struck
during the opening plenary of ApacheCon 2000 (in Orlando). I've been
meaning to release it for ages, but I've been held back by the lack of a
good testbed.

For some strange reason, several people have converged on me desiring
Splash, or its functionality, in the last day, so I've decided to
release it on the unsuspecting masses, warts'n'all.

What is it? Its a distributed, masterless database, that's what. And its
good for maintaining state of all kinds over clustered servers.

Its small, but perfectly formed (in the opinion of its proud father[1]).
And you can find it here:

For those who will only read this announcement and pursue no further, I
should say that Splash relies completely on Spread, which is a totally
cool piece of software, and was written at John Hopkins.



[1] Yes, I did notice the contradiction.


Coming to ApacheCon Europe 2000?

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