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From "Jaswinder S. Ahluwalia" <>
Subject r->content_type
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 23:42:44 GMT

I am a student at the university of california riverside majoring in
computer science. For the summer, i have been working in a research lab
trying to implement the apache web server using distributed shared
memory.  Basically this consists of loading the files into distributed
shared memory and then serving the files to the client from that
memory.  This is supposed to be faster and it reduces the load when
multiple server are running, which again, makes it faster. i am almost
done., but i do have one problem.: r->content_type.

Currently, r->content_type is NULL (when sending files from memory) so
apache automatically makes it the defaulttype located in httpd.conf.
When sending files from disk, the correct content_type is set. I was
hoping that someone could help me understand when, where, and how
r->content_type is set so that i may implement that code in my
DSM modifications to apache.

Any help you could offer would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,

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