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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: Minor breakage with ap_add_filter
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 18:01:04 GMT wrote:
> The recent move of ap_add_filter("CORE",...) has outlined a potential bug,
> so I thought I would bring it up here and now, so we could all nip it in
> the bud.  The problem is that we are adding the CORE filter in the
> core.  This works fine for regular requests, but as soon as we have to add
> an SSL filter, this will break, because the SSL filter shouldn't require a
> core change.  I think the solution is to move the ap_add_filter calls from
> http_core's insert_filter routine to the post_read_request hook.
Yup - good point, if you assume that SSL must become a filter.  I can
think of other possible good designs, but filters could work.  

If it does become a filter, seems like BUFF should be decomposed further
to avoid duplicating code.  Buffering across pipelined requests, for
example, would be common to SSL sockets and regular sockets, right?.  
> I took a quick look at where the ap_add_filter call was added yesterday,
> and it is always just before the post_read_request hook is called.  I
> would like to add an AP_HOOK_REALLY_FIRST function to http_core, which
> will add all of the core filters.  The reason for the
> AP_HOOK_REALLY_FIRST is that we want to make sure that there is always a
> CORE filter on the filter stack when we call out to other modules.
> Does anybody have a problem with doing this?  Does anybody see a hole that
> I missed?
No, that sounds like a good start, until we become more experienced with
this stuff anyway.


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