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From Bishop <>
Subject 1.3.13 and a feature request
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 15:08:24 GMT
Hey Folks;

With Jim's tantalizing mention of a 1.3.13 release, I'm sure, will come
the unwashed hordes with their pet features to include.

Let me be the first, then.  A while back, perhaps a month or more, I
made a tiny change to ap_process_resource_config in http_config.c .  The
change, the merits of which I'll try and defend, changes the behaviour
of apache when it encounters a directory in fname.  

The normal behaviour, if I remember right, is to log an error from
ap_pcfg_openfile, which is called from ap_process_resource_config.  The
change I made causes it to open the directory and iterate through the
list of files in that directory, dumping those path names into
successive calls to ap_process_resource_config.

There was a call for that mod because of some packaging habits for other
software that relied on a config directory instead of a config file, and
couples with a foregrounded-but-forking request makes apache easily
usable in a built-on-boot inittab file.  I've not got the second half
completed, but I can still bask for a short time in the client's
appreciation of the first part.

I'd like to get some feedback on the patch, its ramifications and
implications, from those who've the time to go look at it.  I've got a
link below (and by the time you read this I should have my asbestos
shield in place).  Should the patch be seen as Good and Useful, I'd be
more than willing to do the i-dotting and t-crossing to get it ready for

 - bishop


   "I've ALWAYS been intimidating." -- D Michael Drangula

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