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Subject Re: Thoughts on filter-chain composition
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 00:54:59 GMT

In a message dated 00-09-12 13:30:53 EDT, Ken Coar writes:

> Every filter should be
> able to make whatever decisions it must based on the metadata
> (content-type, content-encoding, et cetera) alone.  Before I
> go any further, does anyone have any arguments with that?

Um... yes. It's just not realistic... and it's 180 degrees from what
you said just a few hours ago ( See below ).

Only the simplest possible filters will be able to satisfy that requirement.

What you propose as a 'rule' actually gives filtering even
less functionality than a CGI script. No one requires a CGI script
that is going to be 'called' to 'know everything you need to do 
from metadata before we call you'. Why should filtering be even 
more restrictive than calling a CGI program?

What is the big deal here with allowing dynamic smarts?
You yourself said it just a few hours ago...

> Ken Coar wrote...
> ...there's no way ANYthing is going to know
> how all the various filter are going to morph the content,
> so there's no way you can 'set it up right' in a reliably
> deterministic way.  We have to have some modicum of intelligence
> at each filter stage as to whether the filter should run or not;
> the question is whether the filter is the one that knows whether
> it can handle the content, or the core.  To my mind, the answer
> is obvious: it needs to be the filter.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc. - Online Internet Content Compression Server.

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